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Janne K
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  • Hi Wagner,
    I tried to message you but not sure i'm doing it correctly.Is there anyway you can modify your drawing of the getrag to red block adapter for the trans to be mounted straight up for my pv444instead of slanted like factory M46.I will gladly pay you to do so.

    The Sachs 765 pressure plate was used together with a BMW 240 mm organic clutch disc and a BMW big Getrag, the Getrag 265 from a BMW 535 from the early 1980s.

    The pressure plate could be used just as well with a Volvo M90 transmission. Then the clutch disc should naturally have the correct splines for the M90 transmissions input shaft. A BMW disc could not be used, but copper pad clutch discs are available off the shelf in 240mm diameter and with M90 splines.
    Hi Wagner,

    Are you using the TTV flywheel and -765 pressure plate in combination with an M90 gearbox?
    Does this setup bolt right into an B230/M90 with a 850R or a 240 mm 21-splined sintered disc?

    I just registered to ask you a question. you seem to be very knowledgable about the volvo heads. I have a 79 aq145a with a head casting # 405. I cannot find an exact replacement. I can however find a 530. My head is warpped to 20 thousanths. I cant seem to find anyone who can tell me beyond a shadow of a doubt that the 530 would work on my block. The generic aq145a head gasket lines up perfectly and I have read your posts on the different specs. However the difference in jet holes and water jacket size etc are a concern as this is a boat motor and runs at high rpm most of the time. I was offered the solution of adding metal by electolysis and milling back in to factory specs. Have you ever heard of this? thanks in advance for any advise
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