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John V outside agitator

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  • Hi John hope your doing well. What projects do you have going now?

    Hey man...I'm a fairly new member..but have been lurking and eavesdropping for years....You seem like the cat a man needs to ask the questions to...I'm a machinist and fabricator,and at one time many moons ago,an ASE master...Been a brick owner for a long time..my wife is Scandinavian so..bricks were just the norm here...I recently got a 79 242 GT..the guy I bought it off of,claimed to be a Volvo history buff..Its a shame history buffs dont see the value in changing leaking cam seals ..the motor was caked in oil and dirt,but ran...hi idle(2k at start)..vacuum leaks everywhere...I've got most of that all fixed...but I've got a small tear in the airflow sensor bellows..my greenbooks dont mention the proper term for the bladder contraption or at least I havent seen mention of it..The small rip is near the TB and I rubber cemented a small patch over it,and the clamp further secures the patch....is that part available thru aftermarket suppliers or is it a rare junkyard find?Thank you sir.
    Hey for what it's worth, I appreciate and respect your opinion. I don't have the experience you do, but do have more than most here, and pretty much what you say is spot on.
    RE: "Head & cam survival" post.
    Please, either confirm my observation, or "#itch slap" me into next week.
    Hey John, I'm curious if you rebuild Bils HDs ? Is it worth it ? I found rr shocks at summitracing for 82.97/ea (I've seen a few threads on this)
    Haven't been able to get ahold of you for an update on my struts. Call me

    360 9277673
    Hi do you still offer the brackets and bellhouse for the big brake conversion?
    hello im told to talk to you about getting pistons for a b200 volvo. someone mentioned longer rods shorter pistons?

    Thanks Chris
    Hey John. Been trying to reach you through pm for a while now about getting a flywheel from you. Please message me on here about it. Thanks Kasey
    Hi John,

    Thank you for your help with the rodbolts.
    I got your hint, what can you offer me?


    Hi John.

    I'm inquiring about B230 Forged rods and pistons by jvab. The car is an 83' 242, MS3, GT35R. Lots of other goodies. Car is currently down due to melting a vacuum line, from turbo to waste gate, and turbo pressure spiking. Killed cylinder 4. It was running stock internals but its time to make it faster, and last longer.

    I've read much of your posts on here, and I feel like I NEED your assistance.
    The one variable being price.

    Hi John-

    I think I just left you a voicemail...

    I was referred to you as a supplier of Volvo flywheels. I have an '89 245 M47 and am having a hell of a time finding a replacement unit for it. Do you supply these or know of a source?


    Tim White
    (714) 699-2846
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