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  • Code itself does nothing. ECU just stores codes, but works according to real-time sensor inputs...
    Is your AFR meter a wideband unit? Otherwise it won't be much help. If you completely remove TCU, you must figure another way to control electric cooling fan, because TCU controls it. For example, you could go with an in-line bimetal switch in lower radiator hose and a couple of relays, there is a thread on it somewhere here.

    B230FT ecu from a LH2.4 B230FT will fit straight onto a B204FT ecu connector, but wiring is different. B204FT has EGTC, radiator temperature sensor, 6-pin TPS inputs, engine cooling fan wired to TCU, and boost solenoid output in the wiring loom, which is not the case with B230FT.
    Well, if you would really want absolutely no codes, then you should either buy a working EGTC (I have one) or get entire under-hood and under-dash wiring harness from a LH2.4 760 turbo, swap that in, swap TPS to a 3-pin one, swap ECU and EZK boxes from a 8v turbo, and chip them with B204GT maps, preferably 578 map with fuel cut removed. Keep in mind you would need a 5xx series ECU then. Or 950 map for 9xx series ECU.

    If you were just to unplug TCU, you would lose cooling fan control as well, unless you swap to 8v turbo wiring, which has Jetronic ECU control the e-fan.

    Or you can build a new harness and go with standalone ECU if that's your game.
    The message was too long so I had to break this out to part two...

    The other option I considered is using LH2.4 8v wiring and ECUs (switch TPS to a 3-pin one), but swap to B204FT chips inside B230FT ECU's. That way, one would have normal knock enrichment and wiring, but 16v turbo maps. Keep in mind you would need 5xx maps for 5xx ECU, 950 map for 9xx ECU.

    As for fault codes... TCU would still notice faulty sensor and flash error, but no CEL, if that's what concernes you.

    Let me know what you're up to...
    ECU pin 25 is the same on 8 and 16 valve turbos, and sends ECU load signal. However, on 8v, it sends it to EZK Pin 8 to vary timing and EZK returns it to ECU in form of knock enrichment, whereas on 16v turbo it sends its signal to TCU pin 14 and in turn lowers boost. So I rewired it the way it is on 8V turbo.

    Therefore, I kept TCU only as a e-fan control. Problem is, I'm not sure this thing is 100% the way I supposed. It could melt the motor in case of a malfunction. The car is currently non-operational, so I can't do more testing now. It was fine the short time I drove it that way.

    When I say "only fan-control", I mean that TCU is still going to sense faulty EGTC and not allow for full boost, but with this you should be able to have knock enrichment as a precautious measure in case of overboost/underfueling, since electronic boost control (cut) is out. You would need a manual or electronic standalone boost controller though. My car ran with 1.6bar boost and worked fine.
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