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  • Do you have any suggestions as to actually get my point across without being bashed by everyone on TB? I'd really like to shed some light on my beliefs but everyone always nails more stakes on the cross.

    Any ideas? Or is everyone going to simply ignore what I am trying to say and just bash me?
    I didn't do the merge, but it depends on how you do the merge, and by post times.
    wtf my this is korea thread was so worthy of remaining its own thread, considering it had hot girl content

    and not only did you merge it

    its at the back of the merge thread

    Hey there amigo. I hate to bother you with this but is there any chance I could get my name changed to retard?
    thanks, and i know. hes my husband, he just used my account by mistake. and yes he should be watched, he has fun stirring the pot at times!
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