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  • Trying to PM you but am having 403 difficulties. Stay tuned.

    Edit* If you'd like to e-mail me, you can at revolve40 AT gmail DOT com. I'm thinking your inbox might be full.
    lol. Thanks man. I can't wait to see it. I've heard (literally) you guys driving it and it's great to hear it again. I'm glad its running so well. I can barely remember the last settings i have on it, but I think I have the acceleration enrichments turned off.... have to bring a fresh laptop battery to carlisle with me so I can mess with it a bit.

    I ended up picking up a truck, couldn't pass it up as the price was right. I'll most likely be towing the 164 to Carlisle just to make sure it gets there.
    Yeah, I know. They'd look sweet on the 242. Summer is coming and cash is getting tight. Better this year than last, but wheels have gone to the bottom of the priority list. :)
    yeah- spring meet in Ala-we've done that before. nice to spend time w/ Kenny and Sam.
    I lived in Va. Beach as a kid,so I know how cold it gets up there.
    Well, you're not allowed to complain about 70 degree days in February...it's been butt ass cold in VA. So cold in fact, I've been having a hard time working on my wagon. I had both my in-tank pump AND my main pump fail within a few days of each other! In spring I was gonna take a weekend to visit with Kenny and the boys so if you want, we can have a mini-meet...
    Thanks Mike. I'm not worried about those people, I don't agree with any of the bullspit they started, but it doesn't bother me at all. They post in OT because they don't know anything else and they don't matter. :D
    Mike - no problem on the 28mm sway bar. I'm sure I'll find someone who needs it. Thanks for letting me know!
    Thanks, Rob-for the info. The car looks really nice and has all the dealer records. I hope it will last me as long as the '90 has.
    I have a Proturbo 16V header I picked up for my 2.5 motor. The header holes are larger than the studs, so I wondered if I needed to replace them with larger. I hope to have this motor together for SE, but it will be close- 1979 Bertone has to be reassembled and painted. The usual issues- takes three times as long and costs twice as much lol.
    Yo. I haven't really seen many issues with any 05 Rs. The early ones had noisy brakes, and other little issues, but nothing really major went wrong with them. Good cars, I say. The only thing to check would be the angle gear, I have heard about, but only seen one in person, where the splines between the angle gear and trans got chewed up, and therefore made it FWD only. Had to replace angle gear AND transmission, so it's not cheap. But not a really common thing. Enjoy the car!

    And yes, I am using a proturbo header. I have stock studs at the cylinder head. Got some ARP ones to put in when I get my new cylinder head, but same size as stock. Haven't had any issues whatsoever.
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