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  • Hey dude. For the moment, I'm going to focus on selling it outright. The main reason for selling is that we've got more cars than drivers and trading isn't going to help that, lol. If I get sick of people jerking me around, being tire-kickers, etc; I may consider a trade.

    Just wanted to be up-front with you about my position on the car. Later man.
    Hey, I saw that you have a 91 940 with a 960 front end. I've been looking around and couldnt find much info on doing it. is it bolt on? or fabrication?
    Not related or anything, just a nice central location in PA with relatively low unemployment vs the nat'l avg.

    Funny how you said it depresses you. PA's one of the few places that actually makes me happy just being there.

    What all's to do around Altoona? Obv. as a train geek that area's covered...horseshoe curve, etc. Anything else?
    hey you.

    you spent an awful lot of time in altoona pa didn't you?

    tell me about it.
    OK, got the message. I have 2 big weeks in July, plus a grandkid on the way. But we will work something out.
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