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  • Hello there,

    I read that you had disabled your EGTC on b204ft.

    How did you do that? :) I have a b204gt with broken egtc so the car just jump and wont boost anymore..

    Thanks in advance :)
    I already have a separate e fan system. But if i switch the the ECU for a b230ft ECU, and switch the tps i must het the system work right? Or is it not that easy? And offcourse make the turbo with a mbc or something. And i have ordered a wideband o2. I appreciate you're input!
    I dont mind to have codes or something. I just want to be sure what the code does to the ecu. So the false egtc signal dont change the Output of the ECU that much. I ordered a afr meter so i can see, what i am doing. I think i go for the option to remove the tcu. And just wire the load signal to the ezk. But is a lh2.4 b230ft ECU not a straight fit on the connector from the loom inbthe car? Or is the loom different?
    Thanks for your reply it is very useful! I am not conerned about a flashy red light on the Dash or something. I was just curious that i dont Fry mine engine. Because it just had a rebuild at the last owner for 15000 km ago. The drivebelt snapped and all the valves went bend. So i have new valves, new pistons, and new conrods. And i hate the codes on the egtc. I have a great experience in building gr a 242 turbo rally cars and some more cars. And i was just wondering on how easy it is just to lose the tcu and egtc. Because the next step was a free programmable ECU or something if i cant delete the codes. Can i just remove the tcu and use a mbc? And rewire pin 25 to the ezk? Or do i still have fault codes in the ECU? Because i also want no faultcodes in the ECU so i know it have no codes or something and it just run smooth as it should be. Thanks a lot so far!! You really helped me!
    Hello nordmaschine,

    I have seen a topic, where i saw a comment of you that you rewired the egtc on a b204ft/GT. Would you like to tell me something more about it? I own a 760 b204ft with a m90 gearbox. But i have a fault on the egtc. I would really like to know how to remove this sensor. Do you still have faultcodes or something in the ECU?

    With kind regards,

    Bas Knuif
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