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Old Iron
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  • I'm good, the insurance company has been trying to total my 245 for the last year so I can't work on it. It's got me pretty bummed out. I saw you where selling your girlfreinds 244. You ever get that 740 sold!
    I got a saturn and a chevy blazer both cars are **** but they were cheap so.. Cant complain too much.. But hey man i cant figure out how to make a thread also if u know anyone with a brake booster for cheap lemme know i need that
    Well i need a power booster/brake booster big time car keep stalling out . Also from what im told theres a bad seal on the drive shaft.. A pinion my boy was telling me.. We had it up on a lift at his job (pepboys) and from what i can see there trans fluid and oil everywhere.. **** looks like i ran over a racoon
    Hey thanks man.. I actually jus ran into some problems lastnight with the "voovoo" as i call her.. Im leaking trans fluid and oil really really bad wit the trans fluid i had it up on a lift today ****s looking bad... Hey by the way lol idk if u noticed the ny plates or not but. I live in bear de. Actually gonna b going back down to the beach tomorrow.. Might bring the voovoo .. U goin to the oc car show on the weekend of the 9th?
    Doin well man. Yeah my tbricks time (work cuz its usually slow) has been killed! But yeah I am gonna go with the sport springs, your wagon looks as low as I would wanna go. I gotta replace my wiring harness first. Died on me for the first time, so now is a great time to tackle it
    The RWWR tail lights are very good, I must say I'm very satisfied, the edges are nice and round, reflectors too, they are very shinny, overall they fit the body quite well :nod: and I really like them on silver....
    And difference in look of the back end is much better, makes the back more modern and with late tailgate i think it's a win:-D

    Go for it!:oogle:
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