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  • Huh?
    Where did you get the idea i live in England?
    And clear your pm's

    QUOTE=Patdon10Alright, I'm off to work. I'll be back at midnight ET. If He doesn't get back to you let me know.

    Ohh, crap. You're in England?

    How long would shipping take to get to me? I might be better off looking for local? Let me know.

    It was during X-Mas time. That wasn't my 240, but I know which one you speak of. Your wagon was Awesome, from what I saw.
    I'm gathering buyers for the exhaust systems right now. Once I have one or two, then I'll start buying materials. Nobody has laid down money yet, but there has been LOTS of interest. I'm ready to start making them whenever people put up money. Turnaround time will be around a month because I will need to have supplies shipped here, then I need to make the first system, then make a jig from that, then test it on my car to make sure it doesn't rub at all.

    Would you like to be my first guinea pig? Here's the price list, though I'm thinking of only offering them in stainless because the price is so close anyways.

    I'll offer them in many different configurations. They'll basically be the ultimate TURBO exhaust system ever, all 3", all over axle, v-band on the bottom of the downpipe, and a flex section.
    A stainless full 2 muffler system with a cat will be $700, aluminized mild steel will be $635
    Stainless one muffler with cat will be $640, aluminized $580
    Stainless one muffler no cat will be $590, aluminized $525
    Stainless straight pipes will be $530, aluminized $465
    For a side exit behind the rear wheel, take $30 of any of those prices (except two muffler). For a side exit in FRONT of the rear wheel, this system will include a cat and a dynomax bullet muffler, $495 stainless, $460 aluminized. This will be LOUD, but tons of fun.

    I'd really appreciate any thoughts or advice. That should cover all the options that everybody could ever want. Shipping will be between $50-150 depending on how heavy the package is and how far it's got to go. Buyers are expected to pay the cost of the item up front, then once it is complete I will get an accurate shipping quote from the cheapest source, trust me I'll shop around for you.
    I'm taking orders now, I'll PM you a price list!

    Did I meet you at Carlisle? I was there in my white CB t-shirt, but not with my car unfortunately.
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