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  • Hey whats up? I got your name from a mutual friend, Nick Ross. He told me to find you on the site because you yere the go to guy for everything volvo. Drop me a line sometime it would be great to have a chance to ask you a few questions. Later on John Lyons
    I am building a 2.6L b230 and I am looking for a good turbo manifold. T3 preferably I have a turbo and will like to make 500 whp. do you have a reccomendation for a manifold or should I build my own
    i would've phrased it "i'd rather screw up a 744 than a 242."

    wanna build me a header?
    Hi Poik,
    I just sent a Friendship thing so I can set up a group of friends that post sensible things on the forum. I find I spend ages wading though a load of noncence most nights.

    Hi Poik,
    I think you have experience with Penta engines and maybe you can answer this question.
    I have a B230FB engine with very good bores but thin cylinder walls so I could use it but do not want to bore it to the next oversize for new pistons.
    I have made contact with a boat yard and they have Aq151C 1989+ cranks or complete non-runner engines. They want ?150 for a crank and about ?400 for a 'spares' engine. If I got one of those Penta engines and found it had bad bores do the Penta blocks have thicker cylinder walls than the road B230 blocks.
    I have not been able to find a definite answer on that one.
    So... if we ever have running cars.... Where's the rally going to be? It's so nice out I just want to drive. I want to drive fast, far, and away from it all. lol
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