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  • Hiya. I'm a fellow Canuck in Ottawa.

    I don't have a Volvo (heresy, I know!) but a 1974 Fiat Spider.

    I believe Volvos and Fiat share the same 33mm od cam shims. After installing a reground performance intake cam I need thicker than usual shims that I have on hand.

    Do you know here I could source cam shims in Canada? I can get up to 5.20mm thickness from a supplier in Texas but was hoping for something closer to home. I'd like to have 4 x 5.10, 5.15, and 5.20mm on hand.

    Any advice to a fellow old car enthusiast in the Great White North as to where to source them would be much appreciated!

    Thanks and cheers,
    Hey my favorite Canadian!! Motor is in! well now out to install new brake and fuel lines. What size fuel lines did you use. I am using steel underneath then to braided SS to rail. Thinking -8AN (1/2).
    Just now saw one photo; TAAASTY! I'm looking for same black- and since so broke; unable to have more than one car total. Financial realities force me to seek out another black; maybe even black on black- and an oil squirter- 1994 and or a 1995.

    I figured if it's a long term keeper, pickup truck, camper, RV, test mule and daily driver; oil squirters can't hurt.

    Is yours for sale? Do you know Of any - A N Y. thing simIlar for sale? Who to see? Strategy to find
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