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  • Hi, would it be possible to get your phone number, I need to talk to you about adapting a b230 to a 700r4 trans. Thank You, Brett Walker, Sonora Ca. 1-209-928-5683
    Hey there,
    Just a heads up , selling a '77 242 here in town , Ive got it in the For Sale here on TB,
    Let your buds know Thanks!
    kenny is: linuxman51
    sam is: roadracerforlife

    But the friending doesn't really add much to the site. I don't think people use it much. But friend them anyway.
    Whats up buddy? Been a while since we have spoken. I am antsy to get a stand alone installed and running some real boost with this hx35. I have cash and beer if your interested in helping out at all. Hit me up trying to figure out what stand alone to go with.
    I am new to the board I have some questions on your mechanical followers in your 16 valve
    How did you convert them, and will the hydraulic buckets work with a cam ground for solids?
    Thanks in advance
    By the way that's a sweet brick!
    Do you know of a Megasquirt for Dummies link or publication. I've bookmarked 2 dozen pages about various specs and mods, but where I'm at, it's all Greek to me. I did like the sound of connect four wires and go however!
    I have a 90 740ti sedan, red with black leather, you cant miss it. Im the only guy rocking steelies and hydras, haha. So how are those euro meets any good? I use to go to some meets and found them to be a bit boring but they were all honda heads and only knew about and talked about hondas and vice versa per car brand only care about what they got and only know about that too. I am definitely curious about MS, I have no experience with EMS except BMW software.... so yeah definitely need to get some hands on with MS. I am going to try and get MS this summer for my car so maybe we can meet at Bandimere at a test tune night and have a good time while you learn me something, haha. I would love to see your setup too, its still over my head now but I am getting it slowly, just need more time under the volvo hood, you know. I have been following your denver speed blog too, awesome project write up, very in depth and interesting. Thanks again man.
    Whats your car?
    If you subscribe to the rmvcoa email distribution that is on yahoogroups you can hear about the Volvo club gatherings. We usually do some drag days, mountain drives in the summer, and attend the European get togethers that happen every month. But you can just shoot me an email at: ken@denverspeed.com if you want to meet sometime and pick my brain about some megasquirt stuff. Its best to just figure out how to tune by yourself. Thats the MS way.
    Oh ok cool. Thats funny I was just at CarZ on monday grabbing my hallman. I have met a few of those guys a couple times too at bandimere and then just randomly. I actually work on one of there gfs cars I think...? She has a Mini. Thanks for the info on Megasquirt though, when I was at there shop I mentioned MS and they kinda just gave me a what are you talking about crazy look, haha.
    We have a small community of Volvos around here. A couple of us are in the 12s or better at Bandimere. I do all the tuning myself. I would be glad to help out sometime. I have used the dyno at CarZ performance in Lakewood a couple times. Its a wonderful shop. But they aren't Megasquirt specialists. You have to tune your own car.

    Hey qwkswede, I also live in Colorado and was curious as to who you have tuning your megasquirt or are you just pretty much a DIY badass and tune it yourself?? haha. Also I live in Littleton if you know of any good tune shops in my area, I have been unable to find any, I tell them I have a 740T and there like wha....?
    hey hows it goin, i just have a few questions for you about your motor build/ swap since im starting to get things together and hopefully going soon on 89 740ti wagon, o0o0o and btw, im jealous of you volvo =[
    Hey, did I ever respond to your message here? I have been away from the board alot lately.

    The vents are just square holes cut in the hood, and then I put some of that metal screen that is used for rain gutters in there. Its cheap stuff from Home Depot. I used some rubber edging around the outside of the cuts to make it look finished and not so sharp edged. The funny thing is that I actually got the nice aluminum hood with the holes already cut. Its a bummer, its a very rare hood that someone ruined. I am not really crazy about them. But I made the best of them. And they really do let alot of heat out, so they work. But my turbo is nice and rusty becasue the rain and snow falls through.
    hi ken

    i've been looking at your pix of irene with interest (and perhaps a little envy). particularly, the hood vents you have above the turbo. i'm assuming you fab'd them yourself? can you post/send me pix of the process?
    did you notice much of a difference in cooling? or was the point to get more air to the intake?

    thanks. happy spring!
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