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  • Hi brick folks, I just converted my 1986 760 turbo to 1995 940 front brakes. The new brakes use single piston single line calipers. The original brakes use two piston two line each from different master cylinder circuits. On the original plumbing the r/h caliper is fed directly from the master cylinder front and rear circuits. On the l/h caliper the fluid is fed from the front and rear circuits but through the distribution block. I capped off one line on either side so the front calipers are being fed from the front circuit of the master cylinder but left side still passes through the junction block. The result is the r/f caliper wants to lock up. If any one has successfully made this conversion would you please direct me to the link or explain what I need to do. BTW my junction block piston has not shifted, brake failure light not on, and all bleeders are flowing fluid evenly.
    How do I hook up the hydrolic system after converting an
    1986 Volvo 760 to 1995 940 single piston calipers?
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