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  • Hey Rod,

    It's been a while, and I didn't realize this message was sitting here...I'm sorry. I didn't make it to Carlsen, if that's where you were headed, too much work. Maybe we can connect somewhere else?

    Are you a board member yet?
    My name is Aaron Im new to turbo bricks. i live in Redding Ca and i was wondering where you are. some times nor cal is not really norcal. i have a 82 244. its not a turbo but it is custom. i am working on a duel weber set up right now. i have had 13 volvos over the years including a 242, 244, 740, 850, s70, v70, v50. i build alot of my own parts and do all my own work. i am planing on adding some photos to my profile soon. let me know where you are from and ill see about joining your group

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