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  • Hy max my name is andres and I am writting from colombia in south america. First I would like to congratulate you for job done in your volvo 244.
    The reason why I am writting is because I would like to know if you could help me with a question.
    I also have a volvo 244 1982. And I want to change the wheels for the ones you had. Those made by diamond racing wheels. But I do not the specs for ordering them. And here in colombia no one knows anything about old volvos. You wrote you used 16x8.
    But the question is what offset should i order... I do not want to work the fender... Did you have problems with these wheels...
    How do you think they will be with only changing the stock spring for lowering springs....
    I hope you could answer those questions so i can have a nice car just as nice as the one you had.


    dude! so my roommate apparently saw your car driving by when he was at a bus stop yesterday ( he said a rust/brown colored volvo 240 with white steelies that had a really loud BOV) anyways..if that was you, just wanted to say that haha
    Thank you for your offer, that would be great ! I saw your car drive by when I was down in Sac around last year sometime if I recall. I think you were turning left from Fair Oaks Blvd onto Watt Ave. I have the cam (T), valve cover gasket, and seals. I don't have any shims though as I don't know what size I'd need. If you could maybe let me know what your schedule looks like in April and what the charge might be ? My name is Dave by the way. 530-622-1645 or you can PM me. Thanks again !
    Hey, I wanted to know what type of DRW you used on your car, and if you had them painted by Diamond Racing or did it yourself.
    Thanks, Matt.
    hows the paint on the car? is it a auto or manual tranny? what color is the interior? any pictures?
    love the car man! i remember how much work sean put into that thing! i was in the lowered 242 at pnp yesterday
    yes! i love the wheels. want to know where you found those and if they fit volvos odd lug pattern
    Hey Mate, I posted some photos of your 244 up on my blog..


    check it out and if you want any more info on it up let me know

    thanks man
    Those wheels are tight with the brown...R u running an adapter to make them fit?? They look rather oem and trucky..?? am i close??
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