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  • Hey heard you might have the rubber/plastic tracking the window slides up and down in for a 75 242..and possibly door seals too? If you do shoot me a pm, I'd be glad take'm off your hands. Thanks!
    It's a Kia sorrento crank sensor I believe, I have a extra one I think, it uses the stock Volvo plug so it works great
    Ken/Redwood Chair suggested you as a source for a passenger side outside power rear view mirror for my '84 242 Turbo. Would you happen to one in good condition? The glass part and the bracket it glues to came off the car this past weekend as i was going about 60 mph. I found the glass on the side of the road cracked and broken. The mirror has what I think is a part number (1304114) but haven't been able to find anything on the Volvo parts sites. I'm looking to buy. Thanks. al garcia
    Redwood Chair suggested you as a source of non-a/c p/s pump brackets for my '83. Would you happen to be holding? I'm looking to buy. Thanks.
    Ryan, I am looking for the brake light fixture for the spoiler on my 93, 944. It only took three years in michigan to rust up and stop working.
    jerryc on brickboard told me you get into some salvage yards in the bay area and might be able to help me out finding one ???
    the fixture has 32cp p21w hella on the back of it.
    if you coulkd reply that would be great
    you Gene
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