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  • would you quote me a t5/t10 trans swap kit please? i know you sell all the components, and a t10 would be fine really, one piece driveshaft would be great, but what do i need to do to address pinion angle on a 940 with a one piece?
    Awesome, just got the package today! I’ve just been having a rough couple of weeks, so I’ve been in a “expect the worst” attitude. Thank you for getting back to me
    Hey there. My names Charles Dunn. I ordered you delux catch can setup off your website a week ago. I see that the order is still processing. I called twice this past week and left a message but didn’t get a call back. Anywho, I was just wondering if everything was ok or if there’s some problem?
    I read on post from quite a while ago to talk to you about an AW-71 to T-5 conversion. I was wondering if I could get some assistance as I am a high school student with limited budget. I'm working with a '91 745 turbo. I already have the transmission, driveshaft, and clutch.
    So, took some digging, but indeed I paid no shipping. If you can tell me how much and where to pay it, I will though possibly not til Monday. Also, would like to do a phenolic intake kit all in the same box. If it's easier for me to just call you Monday, day so and I will. Thanks.
    Probably too late /too troublesome for me to add a phenolic spacer kit to this to save some shipping? Thought I'd ask...Thanks, Jeff

    what would be the best way to go for a conversion? +T, 16v, VW TDI? What are your shop hours? Im from the SD area.
    Hey, I just bought an 84' 240 Diesel Wagon. I'm on a road trip right now but will run bio-diesel this spring. I can't find much info about this motor. It a v-6 that gets 23-27mpg. How can I improve the mileage? Is it possible? Add turbo? Thanks, Matus
    Stop being butt hurt that i actually run my cars hard and run my ****ty .50 at its operating range.
    Hey man Love you work!!! I just bought a 242 GLT black with B21FT trying to get the damn thing to run! I will come see you guys down in Sand Diego For sure for some custom work since I cant find any one here Near LA.
    I would like an exhaust adaptor. FYI: I am using a Subaru tensioner which requires very little mod, only a sleeve for the stud and uses a tab for tightening which can be pushed with your finger-740 ATL has one on his pbase- works well.
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