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Sinbad the Sailor

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  • Thats too bad. Oh so you decided on the Marines instead of the air force?
    Ah yes the 244, I had my fun with it last summer, then I passed that bundle of joy on to a good man from lake County.
    Good luck with the joining of the United states military
    Yeah I am out of the Volvo game so I usually don't come on tb. I'm still filling out paperwork for the Marine Corps but hopefully within a month of two I should know whether I was accepted or not. How is the 244?
    Yo Spencer its Jeremy the guy you sold the 244 to. Whats happening? Havent seen you on tb recently. End up joining the military?
    hey, you got those pics of the peugeot at the milpitas yard?
    wanna see if it's worth me going down there for...:lol:
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