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Sir Psycho
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  • Hi l saw a picture of a yellow volvo, l think is a custom made 2 doors 740, where can l see the buiding process
    OK - have you decided to just stick with the auto or will you eventually get around to it?
    Hi there. I found a post of yours regarding the clutch set up in your 940. I have a 960 I'm converting to a V8 and was wondering if you're happy with your clutch set up and what would you do differently. I'm using a stock 740 peddle box and master cylinder, and an after market slave. Thanks for any input!
    In raleigh...cash buyer lookinf for pegs...I do have some volans and a great set of heliums too...PLEASE CALL 919-740-4698....bob
    I'll take it. D'oh, I just checked the thread and apparently I 'missed it by that much'. ;>(. Oh well, if it falls through let me know. Otherwise I'll (eventually) make my own. Thanks for the inspiration.
    I'm interested in the egg crate grille. It has always bothered me that the main grille doesn't match the design of lower (bumper) grille. I have a '91 745T (now 5.0), and a '92 745T, so I could use this grille on either, correct? I have thought about dremelling the center out of the stock grille and replacing with egg crate, is that what this is?
    Thanks, Andy (412) 973-8562
    hopefully, I just need to get the title and register it. Also need to hook up a real fuel tank and then I'm set.
    absolutely but im up here at WCU. My buddy down in calvander right beside carrboro has like 5 or 6 volvos sittin in his yard. You can find 2 volvonuts at the shop called automotion off brewer ln. in chapel hill. Hoggster works there.
    mechaniman was kind enough to respond to your question about my 122 sway bar. He says it is in fact the same as an 1800 bar.
    Hey what's up, just wanted to know, what kind of spoiler is that on the last car in your sig?
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