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Sir Psycho
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  • Yeah, I've dealt with him. He lied to me a year ago about a cylinder head for my B20 and took me for $100 so he's a douche and I'll never deal with him again. His name is Evan Wittels. Thanks for looking out for me though
    Yeah, that guy's name is Evan Wittels and I've dealt with him before. He lives about 5 minutes from Kaj. He told me he had an E head for a B20 and I bought it because I didn't know any better. It turned out to be an F head and the combustion chambers were severely damaged from a blown piston ring. He lied to me and took advantage so I'll never deal with him again.
    Hey, Thanks. Crap, photobucket blocked at work.....oh well. A few beers and a keyboard and I'll be all set tonight...and a few pics of the 240 might make it up...

    Among other things. :)
    its called horsepowerjunkies.com. i dont like it too too much though.. some of the people on there are straight up dumb
    hah! I have no idea. Try posting a ?? thread in OT or web and board and I'll back you up.
    Hey..please let me know next time that there is a get together...I heard about the one last sat...too late. Thanks John
    hey yeah i got it. the box I want to use for it is at work so i haven't had a chance to weigh it out. I'll let you know tomorrow afternoon/evening what the shipping cost will be.
    Its not that bad of a job really.Just takes time to get it done correctly.I say get some steel plate and just trace out the mount on cardboard then trace that onto the steel and cut it out and there you have a mount.
    Just make your own adapter brackets.Its not too tough of a job.I love em they provide enough side support and damn comfortable heck there the best seats I've had in awhile well worth the time and effort.

    Or you can go plan b and drill holes thru your floor and use long bolts lol.Less effort same effect.

    Oh and 960's use the same seats.And there DIRECT drop in for a 7/9 car.I didn't know that till i bought the 850 seats lol.Whatever they rock and im not going back.

    I made em work because they were the only local seats i could find in great shape and in BLACK :).And also the seat is full power and works just have to wire it up yourself.
    I actually don't have any pictures of my car on the board.. lol. I'll be doing some car work this weekend so maybe I'll take some pictures and post them up
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