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Sir Psycho
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  • You're looking for some rear HDs for a 7 or 9? I have some, don't know exact milage but you compress them, they rebound (they're off my parts car).
    Hi. I live in WV, I am working on 1973 1800ES. I also get to NC, sometimes. I wanted to ask about your 1800ES RoofRack. Mine did not come with one, but I bought an old a while back. The problem with it, is the 4 corner-barckets are badly pitted. I susspect this is something that might have affected ES's with roof racks. What condition are your 4 corner-brackets? I might be interested in them. Also I am defenitly interested in the chrome-strips that go on the roof its self, if they are not all dented up? let me know and maybe we can deal on them?
    Thanks. Charlie

    There you go. Just make sure the pics are of decent quality once again along with any description of how you want it to come out as, and I'll try to get it back to you.

    yeah that would be sick but im not sure i would want to buy it myself we could go in on it together or something like that and it has to be towed which is kinda a pain
    haha i had seen that, it looks like its in pretty good condition but im curious as to if its manual and how easy it would be to get running i might shoot that guy an email
    yea. it is a pick and pull. last time i went there were a good amount of volvos there.
    the only one i know of is LKQ off of highway 70 in clayton. its pretty big and they go thru a lot of cars fast.
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