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  • Hey bud, are you still doing the group by for the 240 two inch lift spacers? That looks like the best solution to my lift debate!
    What is the incentive for me to come to taste of Memphis? It's a loong way for just a small meet. I'd love to go but it's soo long!
    Hell yeah, gald to hear it! I never had much rice burner trouble myself until I went to a 3" exhaust with a glass pack muffler, now they never leave me alone.
    Hey dude, I can modify that shifter whenever. I'd like to see your car so if it's not running I can buzz your way or if you want to swing by va beach, whatever. After 7-8pm any night or whenever on weekends. Later
    What's up dude. Do you still want that shifter shortened? I can mod. it like Avalanche Performance does now and just add material below the pivot instead of altering the shifter mount as well. It's your call or if you already got someone else to do it that's cool too. I think Avalanche charges $50 for altering your shifter. I could do it as a favor for you and Todd for like $25-$30. I cannot make any more than the few because I am not trying to steal business from Avalanche. Later
    Hey dude I'm back in town now. I guess either this weekend or next we could meet somewhere so I get get the shifter and bracktet. I will look for my old setup to give you or at least use it as a mock up. I'm in Va. Beach near town center so anything near there is easiest for me but can travel as long as theres no traffic, no a/c I'm not gonna sit still in the heat. Whatever works for you. Hit me up, 757-450-6502 Ryan. Probably easier to text during the day, hands are greasy unable to answer the phone. At night I should be able to talk or text. Whatever. See ya
    Cool dude whatever. I can modify one for Todd, I think thats his name, and give you mine or make two. It doesnt matter to me, more than happy to help. I've already destroyed two M47s and am not going that route again. However, I do not have a shift knob for the M47 shifter, you will have to source your own. I will be back in town the end of july. So anytime during the first few weeks of August are good. We can arrange something closer to then. If I have to modify a shifter and shifter mount it should be able to be done in one or two days. Later
    whats up aaron. Well my R is now a parts car or track car. just wanted to see if you are interested in the whole car or just parts off of her. either message me back or call at 757-286-4387
    Hey dude it's cool. I don't use my m47 anymore so you can have my shifter setup if you want. I'm in Maryland for school until the end of July so I can get you the shifter and mount the beginning of August. Or if you specifically want yours modified and can do that.
    oh if you know anyone with a volvo wagon itha 3rd row please let me know it needs to be non more than 4500
    dude wanted to let you know that I maybe selling my R. Just wanted to give you a heads up. It wouldn't be until the summer. The family needs more room and a wagon with 7 seat belts or a mini van will have to be it. Not the sedan. Its still up in the air but there is a good chance its going to have to be sold.
    Aaron not a problem i will get back will you on he cost I should be able to find out for you by the end of the week
    hey just let me know what brake parts you are looking for and I will find out how much they wil be. If I remember you wanted rotters.
    yo you want to come over tommorow and chill? Im gunna cut the springs on the 850 and get the 240 on jacks and pull out the motor
    **** , it's straight me and my dad should get it done, but I wish you were here to help, you know I could pay you
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