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  • I saw that you were/are running a tilton pedal setup on your 122, which is something I had planned for my P1800. Any chance you can send me a build page or some other pictures of how you hung it? Looks like the balls, nice work
    I saw that you have style 5's mounted and wanted to ask a couple of questions... I have the ET 20 offset and ordered 20MM front and 32MM rear adapters from Motorsport Tech and am concerned that I am going to have to push the fenders super far! Let me know what adapters you used and if you had to roll / pinch / push your fenders.


    Hey there, i have a 244 glt b23e m47 and i want to make it in a 244 turbo, now i bought a second hand engine with cable and computer but i'm missing some parts. i saw some of your pictures the parts that i need, are you selling the old engine/turbo parts?

    thank you Elior from Amsterdam Holland
    Hey there! I was a bit surprised to see a 242 outside Grigg/Duke this morning. My dad has been a turbobrick poster for a bit ( +T 245) and I recently picked up an older 81 244 myself to play around with. If you see a rather old light blue Volvo with seriously faded paint outside within the next few months, that'll be me.
    Hello! I got your message you left on my windshield! I saw there is/was going to be a meet on April 10th. I would be all over that except I'm heading to Wilmington for my birthday. I wouldn't mind making some connections around town though. Nice cars by the way.
    Nice rides, great job ! R U still wrenchin at Crown?
    ps- what on-ramp was that in the vid?
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