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  • Hye there..wish u well
    ok..1st of all ..i am new here
    2nd is that i wanna ask u about certain parts volvo 240
    i just bought a 2nd hand 240..i love the car but....some of the parts really hatd to come by..opss sorry..i am mohd by the way..from Malaysia..so maybe u may help me get some of this items
    1. left n right tail light euro specs..u know with the upper part had a red n clear white at the lower part and a A class grille u know similar to mattias voxx 242.
    urghh...i love that car...but these things really hard to come by here..almost imposible but i am not gonna gave up eazyly from getting em..u may pm me if u had any info on them...sorry if i am being unappropriate...really appreciate for yr time n reply N have a gd day..tq.
    I was told by someone in Austin you might be able to help with a engine swap for my 83 Turbo? I am in SAT.
    hey i was wondering if the remotecs where still for sale? i am really really interested in them! they would be perfect for my 16v 142 ;)
    we can't feature you if youre not there....weds. 6.30 central, check out the volvo podcast thread. and get skype. if you have any ?'s pm volvoninja. he'll hook you up.
    I got my 740 a few months ago from the trailer. If you communicate with Brett , tell him Hi from me and I send my regards in his legal battles ahead. Dan
    Okay bee,

    So whats the deal with Brett? I'm not going to drudge through that monster of a thread Kyote started.
    Any word at all? What's an address I can write him at, I don't really know him, but hey he's close enough location wise, and he always seemed nice to me. Pm or reply to this please!

    Thanks Cody!
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