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  • I saw you sold your mechanical speedo stuff and was wondering which GPS unit you are going to use, thanks!
    Can you tell me where you got your 242? Was it from a guy (Jon) in Virginia? I was the original owner if it's the same car.

    Bill aka Gr8Scot!
    hey man, just saw the pics...great lookin ride. i have 2 of the same cars and i want to get them sittin just like that. howda do it. sport springs and a cut???
    i needed a gas tank bung tool but i did it with some pliers and a hammer etc... now i think ill install my DIFF :)
    ya hopefully ill go for some drives with a friend. I am getting an hy35 hopefully new. I am looking for a specialty volvo tool for a 240. know where i could borrow one?
    personally ****ty, but my cars ok. i am getting a holset turbo and i am just workin on making my car more reliable.
    Thats chill dude, what are you going to do about the suspension?

    My wagon is doing real good, got a IPd front sway bar coming and putting on a stock rear one. I have a T3 Im putting on just need some gaskets and stuff. Then ill have to get chips, cam, and browntops then Ill be set.
    I pulled out the 242 from the garage to clean it, my brother comes home next month then were going to build the 16vT motor.

    Jon ( GSWAGON ) is a cool dude, I may have to get a cupholder armrest from him too, hes close to me and has some really sick cars.
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