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  • Why Smellingham, WA?

    Is Bellingham smelly? Like tide out salty sea smelly or Tacoma aroma copper smelter and wood pulp plant smelly? Maybe smelly like the giant tissue paper plant in Camas, WA that can really stink up downtown Portland on those hot Summer night going to Kell's to see some Irish Traditional band.

    Just wondering!

    I'm in Spookylou, Spokanistan, and so on. While it ain't smelly here, the air can get fouled from thermal inversion and in Summer the dust (large particle)can be as bad as any (fine particle) smog.
    Dude! I saw a post you put up about bypassing a temperature compensation board. I think the post was about a 740, and I really want to bypass that junk. It's worse than useless. Could you point me to some directions or let me know how? I'd really appreciate it.
    (I'm on brickboard with the same name)
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