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  • Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're going to get all sharia on you.
    Hello, thinking about getting a 780 with the nivomats, I want it lowered, is is possible? Thanks man!
    Hi Ursan,
    I've done both the ground connections on the drivers and passenger's side. I've cleaned all the copper and connectors, and used contact paste.
    I've also added an additional ground to the back of the alternator, and connected it to the body.

    My charging system still has a needle that won't go far above the red zone if the headlights are on. I'm thinking I've either got a ****ty alternator, or voltmeter that isn't very accurate.

    Are there other ground points for the headlights that I don't know about?
    Talk to you soon,
    Hi Ursan,
    I'll assume you didn't want to see the stereo mounting box pictures or you've already found one.

    As for my 780 issues, I finally managed to make the charging circuit work correctly last weekend, and now my voltmeter goes to the middle range when the headlights aren't on. But when I turn the headlights on, my voltmeter drops down very close to the edge of the red zone. I've cleaned up the ground mounting strips on both inside fenders, and used contact paste on the connectors after filing them to fresh copper. Am I missing another set of grounds for the headlights, or what else should I be checking in the lighting circuit? I know you've done headlight mods. Have you also set up a relay system ala Dave Barton?

    Thanks for any suggestions.
    You were looking for a 780 front end stereo mounting box.
    I have a part #1386762 that has a few imperfections, but is structurally sound.
    Let me know if you want to see pictures.
    My e-mail is bwright002@yahoo.ca.

    I've got an 88 780 w/V6 that I'm working on making reliable from an electrical standpoint. I see that you've done a lot of work on the hood on the charging system and headlights. Perhaps I'll ask you for some pointers going forward.
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