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volvo 4 life
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  • Yup, mark's cruise and I'm from granby. I didn't take my car so you wouldn't have seen it.
    You could try replacing your intank fuel pump and getting your injectors cleaned. Also, if your car had electronic injection then it could be a bad air mass meter. Try filling your car with more than a half tank of gas. If it runs fine above a half tank then the problem is probably your intank fuel pump! Hope this helps.
    Hello my name is cal
    I have a 83 242 non turbo b21
    And Im having some problems
    when I try to drive is jerks the car
    as if the fule gos in and out
    but what is strang is that it gos in revers fine
    It might be the injectors or the clutch I don't know
    could you help me out >
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