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  • Hello,
    looks like your PM box is full but funds have been sent to your paypal for the trims and let me know if for some reason my address doesn't list in the Paypal notes.
    Hello White855T, thank you for the offer on the distributor- I am going to check the local wrecking yard this week and I will let you know if I come up short. Many thanks!
    Hey, Ive bought parts from you a couple of times in the past. you were joking about me picking an engine from you. I just got a 89 745T . I just noticed that the turbine housing the part with the exhaust flange is cracked. would you have a used one that is in good shape. thanks, Mike
    Hey man,

    I'm newish to the Dallas area (Wylie) and some board guys said you'd have a good idea on the better volvo mechanics in the area. I'm at a brick wall with my 242 turbo and need someone who knows what they're about but isn't crazy expensive!

    Any recommendations I'd appreciate it !
    I'm just up the block (Sherman area). The mechanics up here are either incompetent or cheats. Do you have a "favorite" mechanic or dealer you use? and/or parts yard
    hey man. so 1988 is older manifold flange style... i think i have some turbos that would fit, but im not sure if they would be upgrades. i have some td04’s and td05’s with the manifolds attached...
    lets make this easier just shoot me a text 201 982 1024
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