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pc = politically correct
PCM = Powertrain Control Module
PCV = Positive Crankcase Ventilation
perf = performance
PFI = Port Fuel Injection
pic = picture or photo
pm = private message
P/N = Part Number
pnp = pick and pull, a self service junkyard, or port and polish of a cyl head, or park neutral safety switch
port = portable or inlet or enlarging or matching inlets
pos = piece of crap
PPM = Parts Per Million
ps = powerstroke, gen refering to the intercooler or power stage
p/s = power steering
press = pressure
prob = problem
PRV = Peugeot/ Renault/ Volvo shared engine, the B28 and B280 Engines
PSI = Pounds Per Square Inch
pt. = Pint
PWR = Power, or Power to Weight Ratio
PWM = Pulse Width Modulated
PZ = Penta Cams from a aq 171, higher performance than stock b234f cams