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    B230 Engine Gasket Kits?

    Volvo seals, Volvo oil pan gasket and oil pump seals. Everything else erling/victor reinz is fine.
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    Bent rear trailing arm bushing ears

    Sometimes the solution is staring you in the face.
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    Rear seat delete

    Doesn't look to hard to accomplish. Definitely looks better carpeted.
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    My 240 +T Experience (thus far) and some Help Wanted

    Did you install the fitting correctly on oil pan. In order to install it, you have to cut some of the baffle out of the way. It needs a flat surface to properly seal. I have used these before and know other people who have used them with no oil leaks.
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    Weird noise - anyone else have this?

    I don't what kind of u-joint you used, but it's possible it's already gone bad. If the rear trailing arm bushings are shot, it will make a similar loud noise as you described. Rubber donut cracking is nothing to worry about but still good idea to check u joints and center bearing.
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    Weird noise - anyone else have this?

    Yep bearing and the middle u joint typically go bad.
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    Engine bay cleaning

    I've driven by some places like that. But I imagine in Cali, it's probably a no-no for the most part.
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    My 242GT is too low on IPD sport coils

    Probably with Ebay is the specs are not always accurate. People have ordered and not received what the specs read.
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    Engine bay cleaning

    I'm definitely going to. It says it works great for cleans grills(bbq). So either way I'm going to try it.
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    Engine bay cleaning

    It doesn't seem to be much different from Purple Power. Yep, carwash is the way to go.
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    Engine bay cleaning

    Purple power works great when you soak parts. It's not going to break down grease fast. Also not for aluminum. They have a products that are safe for aluminum but would help if you could apply heat to solution. Power power works good for engine bays but still needs elbow grease to work.
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    Gasket vs glue in 242/242 back glass

    Rear glass is just a seal type. No adhesive. Rope it in.
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    8v vs 16v TURBO MANIFOLD? + questions

    You can also have the exhaust manifold repaired instead of buying something that doesn't fit.
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    Turbo kit install

    It's this one...
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    U-Joint clunking when pulling away from first?

    I had that cluck very a long time. Finally pulled drive shaft out and it was a dead u joint on the front of rear shaft. Typically the rear one sees the most abuse. Just replaced both and it's now smooth sailing.
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    Wtf spoolyboi did i buy

    I'll show you what I did. Very easily to do. I added an external cooler but still kept using the radiator cooler as well.
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    Wtf spoolyboi did i buy

    Looks like a mushroom air filter would fit without moving the line. But you definitely can move the line. Just get some fittings and hose. Easy to do.
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    Video Tutorial: Universal Joint Replacement (240)

    I enjoy your videos. Doing it the way you posted sucks. A bench vise is a much better approach and it's what I would recommend using.
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    Video Tutorial: Universal Joint Replacement (240)

    When I first did u joints on a Volvo (about 10 years ago), I kept having that problem. The main reason for this was not cleaning the yokes. It is essential to clean them very well (sanding roll to debur and a crossbuff to smooth out). They slide in like butter.
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    240 steering rack, what are my options?

    You can find a good rack in the jy buy its hit or miss. A cam rack can be dry but can have some internal issue . If the car looks taken care of, it's possible the rack is good. Sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you don't. I recently picked up a jy cam rack and it had recently changed...