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  1. rijk


    Bettter late than never... Since the 960 isn't my daily driver and sits in a garage most of the year, just a view weeks ago I found out that the ball joints of the adjustable stays were the cause of that strange behavior of the multi-link. Despite being well covered by rubber casings the ball...
  2. rijk

    960 Volvo 960 Estate 16v '92

    Hi Gerrit, Very nice! Manual or automatic? To shift the M46 for a M90 L2 is a real treat. So much nicer in every way. Black leather interior? How many owners before you? How many km? In terms of corrosion it shows that these cars started there life in sunny Italy. Did you import it yourself? My...
  3. rijk


    Strange reactions after replacing wishbone bushings A year ago I installed the deceptively beautiful looking Retro Turbo polyurethane bushings in the support arms of the MK I IRS rear axle of my Volvo 960. As it turned out a bad quality part. Not suited for a 400+ Nm torque car. Since at speeds...
  4. rijk

    What angle bracket/support arm multilink I

    In the Volvo manual for the multilink type II (960, 1995-) it says that the support arm and the bracket are in a certain angle in relation to each other (pict 1, size in mm). But for the multilink type I there is no description whatsoever to find about an angle, only that when taking off the...
  5. rijk

    Need help: V60 CAN-bus seats in 960

    Found a pair of very nice, manual V60 seats for installing in my 1993 960. Only electrical functions on these seats are heating and lumbar support. Problem is that it is all CAN-bus controlled. But I guess I am certainly not the first trying to install these CAN-bus seats in a classic Volvo. In...
  6. rijk

    Remove reducing valve to rear brakes?

    Have installed V70R Brembo calipers and rotors with V70R stock pads f/r on my '93 960, together with new Mustang m/cyl. with extended rod. Installed a proportioning valve in the rear brake line. But since there is a stock reducing valve for the rear brakes, I ask myself if that should be removed...
  7. rijk

    16V head and EWP mystery

    Want to mount an electric waterpump for enough reasons mentioned before by others. Bought the smart tinyCWA-kit (Pierburg CWA200 + controller). The oem pump, pully etc makes place for an adapter (link) sold by MotorDesign Sweden (MDS) for that purpose together with a plug that blocks off the...
  8. rijk

    Conversion 960 B204FT to B234FT

    Some pictures of my new engine build. The car is a 1993 Volvo 960, imported from Italy. Stock engine is B204FT. After 650k km it needed overhaul. Decided for 2.3 16V turbo. The engine was built by Erland Cox (Staffanstorp, Sweden). The building in was performed by Ulf Persson who did an...
  9. rijk

    Ghost 945 engine trouble makes me desperate

    Couldn’t resist buying that immaculate red with black leather interior 1991 945 with auto box. Testrided it without any problems. Enjoyable car untill six weeks later when the engine stalled waiting for a traffic light. Started only after approx five minutes and then runs for days or weeks...
  10. rijk

    distributor block off plate

    Hi, Long time ago somewhere on the web I noticed a distributor block-off plate for a 16V head. So I know it exists. I am about to install a stand alone ems and no longer need the distributor. Can somebody tell me where to look? Thank you very much. Rijk