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  1. blarf

    760 Lessons learned from a 15G swap

    So I'm in the process of swapping in a 15G + exhaust into my 88 760, while trying to keep it looking sorta factory like for the smog guys. Most of the other "hey I did a 15G swap" posts tend to go the turbobricks route of just cut the damn thing and clamp a hose on it. A lot of this will be...
  2. blarf

    B230FT oil feed banjo bolt size

    What size (> 19mm) open wrench am I gonna need for the bolt that goes into the block?
  3. blarf

    89-94 door panels on an 88 760

    Sigh. So I put door panels from a 1990 760 on my 1988 760. Volvo changed over to the mesh speaker grille in 1989. I thought it'd be nice to have the mesh speaker covers and such, especially since the vinyl was peeling on the RF door panel that I had. It's mostly a direct fit, however some...
  4. blarf

    Random stalling

    '88 760 Tach drops to zero for whatever period of time (usually a few seconds... grr) or tach does not move whilst cranking the engine. Hall sensor and/or power stage are the primary suspects, right?
  5. blarf

    Death of a 242

    I think I'm legally and morally obligated to not post the rest of the pictures. Suffice to say, who knew cute girls were into cars (Stylie aside). <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/19417968@N00/1503370383/" title="Photo Sharing"><img...
  6. blarf

    Help me suspend my car

    So that got me thinking. I've got a set of Billy HDs for the wagon... but I wasn't too thrilled with the overall ride when they were in my green wagon. It does the leaping over crests in the road. It's a little bouncy over the corrugated sections of road. The car in question, gold wagon, is...
  7. blarf

    ECC buggered...

    So the other day, on my way home, the ECC decided that the interior was sub-zero. So... on any position but max cold, I get a blast of hot air. :grrr: It's not flashing any codes. So. Where do I start looking? Will the interior temp sensor fail in this way without setting one of the temp...
  8. blarf

    Single spool seat-belts without a pre-tensioner?

    So I'm putting some '95 960 seats into my 760... and all I need now are the proper seat belts. I grabbed a pair from a '92 940, but they've got the electrical/pyrotechnic tensioners which I can't (for obvious reasons) hook up. Volvo sez that the 91 940/960s have mechanical pre-tensioning...
  9. blarf

    V90 rear wiper blade?

    So time to replace the 11 year old rubber. Ordered an appropriate blade for a V90 from FCP Groton and got a Bosch 40713 ~13" Micro Edge wiper. This is not the proper blade. The metal is too thick to clear the riveted plate that secures the wiper arm to the plastic cover, and the proper...
  10. blarf

    Kumho SPT vs ASX

    So it's time for new tires :grrr: again. I'm lookin at 205/55-16s for the Hydras. Price is a big factor, so I've been eyeing the Kumhos. Wet traction is important, but I figure even a W rated summer tire is gonna be better than what's on the car now. Tirerack has the ASXs and SPTs at the...
  11. blarf

    Ahh the new housemates...

    They're awesome. They practice the drums. :grrr: w00t. wrong forum.
  12. blarf

    700/900 Ambient temp gauge bulb

    So if any of you guys have had to deal with the backlight for the ambient temperature gauge, you know that it uses a unique base. Yuck. However, if you take a small screwdriver, you can pry the bulb out of the base quite easily. Just push the two retaining tabs in and slide it up a little...
  13. blarf

    Where's this spring go?

  14. blarf

    Newb electrical question

    So I'm trying to run a ground wire to the block right under the hood release ('89 760). I've got the appropriate sized terminals (Noble #560D), they're uninsulated and have little wings (instead of a circle with a seam in it that you smoosh). I'm a little put off that these are rated for 12-18...
  15. blarf

    Ambient temp gauge fun

    So I've got two ambient temp gauges. One came from a 95+ 960, one from a pre-95 model. The 95+ one was the first one I got, and I installed it the last time I had the dash apart. The black doesn't quite match, but it's got a neat snowflake around the LED, so I left it in there. Thanks to...
  16. blarf

    760/850 non-airbag steering wheel options?

    The SRS light magically came on in my 760, so I figured now'd be as good a time as any to replace it with a proper steering wheel. Soooo... what sort of non super rare/spendy options are there?
  17. blarf

    Board hiccup?

    Just got Firefox to prompt me to download index.php... a few times in a row... ehh.... is the server dying again?
  18. blarf

    Radio help?

    So the front door speakers are cutting out in my '89 760. There are six speakers total (2 dash, 1 per door). Soo... What other factory amps fit? I see two power and ground wires, am I right to assume that this means the separate power for the front & rear speakers? Do these usually fail...
  19. blarf

    Name that noise

    This is tits' car. Big video, slow link, sorry. https://blarf.homeip.net/~alex/DSCF0629.AVI (small) https://blarf.homeip.net/~alex/DSCF0630.AVI (big) Any ideas?
  20. blarf

    SC-810/811 into an 88+ 760

    Indeed part number 3533380 is the nifty plug and play adapter. Hooks right up to the factory harness. Now to fix the whole front door & dash speakers cutting in and out problem. :grrr: