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  1. classicswede

    Whiteblock wiring options

    I would convert to COP as the dizzy cap, rotor and leads are expensive to service + getting good quality leads that fit is getting harder these days
  2. classicswede

    240 throttle cable for KL Racing intake plenum.

    RHD cable is a fair bit longer https://www.classicswede.org/shop/240-throttle-cable
  3. classicswede

    My 242GT is too low on IPD sport coils

    By the sound of it you would be best off with a set of rally springs, original height but a little stiffer or even a set of the 15mm lowering springs
  4. classicswede

    Wheels for 300kmh run

    Regular checks for damage/cracks and make sure they are very well balanced
  5. classicswede

    B20 stroked to B25

    The KG ones used to come with a bridge Could be ones Ben Tinus Tuning supplies???
  6. classicswede

    LSD Advice for Track Days

    A clutch diff is what you would want. The Gripper diffs are top notch
  7. classicswede

    B230ft piston options

    500bhp mark is where I put the cut off for wanting to move to forged pistons, pretty much the same point as wanting a crank upgrade. For 300-350BHP there is no point thinking about forged pistons. Standard oversize pistons is all that is worth using. Yes £350 is a lot of money for normal...
  8. classicswede

    Whiteblock m90 to redblock adapter

    that is mixing and matching. Internals are the same. Only the case and prop flange that differ
  9. classicswede

    530 head porting

    1) the ports are already too big in that area 2) by having the manifold and head port match you then must dowel the manifold to the head so that it fits exactly every time. Get it wrong and you have a ridge causing reverse flow 3) the ideal is to have a step up in the direction of gas flow. The...
  10. classicswede

    Whiteblock m90 to redblock adapter

    You can't fit a whiteblock m90 to a redblock or the other way around The whiteblock gearbox is the rarest. I have a full kit of each ready to export
  11. classicswede

    530 head porting

    Gasget matching is a bad thing and not what you want to do at all. Polishing, combustion chambers yes but the ports is a no. All the work want to be around the valves
  12. classicswede

    3.0litre stroker crank set, k-jet fueled?

    You are right in about 12mm lift being the most a stock head can use in valve lift. What you are forgetting about is compression ratio. Increased CR allows for much more cam duration before the cam becomes lumpy. Also a longer stroke will take more cam. The other thing that helps with a slightly...
  13. classicswede

    3.0litre stroker crank set, k-jet fueled?

    I would ask Ben (tinus) on the cam The T5 would likely be ok, bit lumpy on a B230 at idle so probably feel normal on a 3ltr. If you just want a simple drop in cam the H would do it and have all the low grunt you could ever use I would 100% go for a 123tune dizzy. It drops in and you can run a...
  14. classicswede

    B230K 940 97 Reg worth tuning?

    The engine will be a FK not a K 97 is about the best of the easy to find engines. 300BHP can be done with bolt ons. Over the 300 ball park wants rods. 600+ wants forged pistons and forged crank and stiffen the block. A lot less trouble for making power than what you are used to
  15. classicswede

    B230K 940 97 Reg worth tuning?

    The B230K is the na carb engine 940's could have B200F (na) B200FT (HPT) B230F, B230FB, B230FD (na) B230FK (LPT) B230FT B230GT (HPT)
  16. classicswede

    3.0litre stroker crank set, k-jet fueled?

    The K jet should take to it ok, might run out of capacity at the top end. As it is only for backup then not a issue I would not put too much effort into the sodium filled valves but they would not hurt. As you are running LPG there is a lot to be said for converting to LH2.4 and run an...
  17. classicswede

    MLS Head Gasket

    You do need to deck the block for them to seal, both block and head need to be perfectly flat
  18. classicswede

    240 spicer heavy duty center support bearing

    The 240 support is much more reliable than the 740/940 ones
  19. classicswede

    Should I connect a lambda sensor without a catalytic converter??

    Without the sensor fitted (not even plugged in) the system will run open loop base map, if the sensor is plugged in but dangling then the ECU with richen the fuel mixture to the max. As the sensor is a pre cat sensor it does not matter one bit if teh cat is there or not
  20. classicswede

    940 suspension question

    No, both are not working What is the Monroe part number you are using?