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    2023 VCOA National Meet

    Been since the Olympia meet that I've done a West Coast function. Looking forward to the madness! I'll pack one or two of my spare livers...
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    The Unofficial IPD 2023 Thread - 5/20/2023 Portland, OR

    That's a shame, John. We'll catch up next event!
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    Official Davis 2023 Thread

    To Hathos: Delay or forgo altogether your wedding plans so you can go to Davis meet. I'm just SURE she'll understand....
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    Amazon Battery

    I'm looking for a new battery for my 1968 Amazon wagon. Anyone out there have a brand and model handy? TIA.:)
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    11th Annual Swedish Iron at XXX Issaquah

    Sunday Feb. 11,2018 0900 to 1500 XXX Drive In, 92 NE Gilman Blvd., Issaquah WA SAABs and Volvos Drive In phone: 425-392-1266 Contact phone for event organizer Ingvar Carrlson 206 434 9482 Calories and conversation will abound, as usual...:);-)
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    1993 940 SE speedometer issues

    Speedo frequently sticks at exactly 45 mph. Sometimes doesn't. Any simple fix? Selling the car soon, so I don't want to spend a buch of time or money. 165XXX mi car, goes pretty quick, no real interest in it, yada, yada.....;-)
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    240 Best drilled and vented rotors for 1985 245

    Best source for drilled and vented ATE front rotors? Thanks.
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    XXX Drive-In Meet, Issaquah, WA Feb 14, 2016

    Does anyone want to caravan to this event? For those traveling from the South and West, the rest stop at MP 140 in Federal Way for a rendezvous point at 07:30,with a departure time of 08:00?
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    Amazon handling and F/R weight bias questions.

    Is the best handling with sport springs on a 130 found with an IPD sway bar and no rear sway bar? And, does anyone know the front/rear weight bias for a 2 door? Would moving the battery to the trunk be worth the effort? The vehicle isn't my daily driver, so ride quality and NVH issues aren't at...
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    960 960 CEL and poor mileage

    I've got a friend who is experiencing a CEL on her dash and an average mpg of 12.5. No, she's not a leadfoot like me..;-) I'll get a code set with my scanner, but is there a place I can go to look up the code(s) without spending a fortune on publications? Thanks in advance.;-) Any early best...
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    RsIPD plans

    Is RSI throwing an event Friday night, May, 15, 2015? And if so, how many of the ruined liver crowd will be there for the prefunction dysfunction of IPD?;-):cool:
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    East and West TBer Meet?

    East and West big meet? Where would be a good place to meet? Is anyone willing to drive half way across the country (and hopefully back) for a meet some time in Summer? Thoughts and ideas are welcome: Maybe an East and a separate West Coast meet, centered around a large group of people that want...
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    240 Volvo type TDL4HO-13G bolt in 1984.5 245Ti?

    Volvo type TDL4HO-13G, Ser. # 7210144, will it bolt in to the spot where my factory water-cooled original turbo is now? Thanks. B21FT.
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    Vintage Overdrive regasketing?

    Where do I find information on regasketing my Laycock deNormanville J-type OD? It works fine, but leaks precious fluids just sitting. Specifically, I need to separate the transmission from the OD and install a new gasket.
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    New B23F Pistons?

    Does anyone know a source for new B23 flat top pistons that are high quality?
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    Vintage Is the steering shaft the same on an Amazon as on an 1800?

    Is the steering shaft spline count and diameter the same for Amazon as an 1800? Does anyone know offhand? Can't afford a 123GT wheel.;-)
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    1966 Amazon 2 door axle options

    I've got in my possession a known 220 good rear axle combination with the later style wagon only suspension attached, and a 1030 axle out of a parts-only 1984 M46 equipped 245. Of the two, is there a preferred choice? What "straightforward" path should I pursue? Things I think I know: 1. Option...
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    Swap Meet for Volvos, Seattle area

    October 12 Swap meet. Juanita Beach Park. Juanita, WA. (E. side of Lake Wa., northern half) Google it.:)
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    Exhaust and intake manifold bolt patterns

    I'm going to guess that the manifold bolt pattern is the same for a B21 as it is for a B230? Or am I way off here?:roll:
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    940 heater core replacement

    Can one perform a similar operation ( modified chainsaw method:omg::nod::cool:) for a heater core exchange as is done on a 240 series? Has anyone here run in to this problem, and have a good solution?