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  1. nordmaschine

    Red Block Turbo (RBT)_Build

    Do you want to build a car to enjoy or a car to sell for profit? I get mixed signals here.
  2. nordmaschine

    Hacked III: Third Time's The Charm (M90 940 Edition) (prev. Hacked II)

    Good to see you're not giving up. What's wrong with this one?
  3. nordmaschine

    960 AC revamp

    Things like that used to be the reason why this forum existed. Yeah, you need to remove the glovebox and that lower cover that relays live behind.
  4. nordmaschine

    960 AC revamp

    https://dz310nzuyimx0.cloudfront.net/strapr1/56edcfcb84fc89f3cca53135b7b04209/32eb3036fb53797f8cf0dc2b12c76dc2.png Blend door motor is Nr6. Follow the rod from there. When you move from "blue" to "red", you should have a full sweep.
  5. nordmaschine

    960 AC revamp

    15min is not indicative of anything. Also, in my AC-repairing-experience, holding vacuum does not necessarily translate to holding pressure. If it was vacuumed down, there is no way for air to be in the system. On the other hand, too mich oil may very well be your problem. Just don't swap it...
  6. nordmaschine

    Stiff 960 struts???

    It would help to know the year of your 960. Is it 91-94 or 95-98?
  7. nordmaschine

    960 AC revamp

    He said he did. I would wager a bet that he's got a tiny leak in the system. 900g of R134 +/- 50 seems about right, depending on the temperature, but now his pressures are too low. OP, you couldn't have switched the pipes. EDIT: While you're there, remove glovebox, remove evaporator cover and...
  8. nordmaschine

    Volvo 244 diesel to volvo 240 turbo racing car

    D24 has too many inherent problems, you can keep it alive if you do a lot of long distance cruising. City driving or, God forbid, circuit racing, would kill it off soooo quick. But I'd swap an M57 out of E39, they're everywhere and BMW has basically standalone wiring. If OP really wants to...
  9. nordmaschine

    Best way to remove the glove box "face".

    Ass-u-ming you have 7 or 9. Or that it's the same on a 2. Use a heat gun to slowly bring it up to "left it parked outside in Texas for a day" temp, then peel it off. Try not to melt or twist anything.
  10. nordmaschine

    Volvo 745 GL/T V8

    Watching this.
  11. nordmaschine

    Hacked III: Third Time's The Charm (M90 940 Edition) (prev. Hacked II)

    Yep, no way to put it backwards. OHV engines work the same way, still two crank rotations for one cam rotation. Throttle shaft - yes, you could have missed the alignment. You should always mark the plate and the shaft before taking it off. You're probably not too far away, try putting it on one...
  12. nordmaschine

    Hacked III: Third Time's The Charm (M90 940 Edition) (prev. Hacked II)

    Ugh. There is no BDC mark on the flywheel. It's just that the crankshaft rotates twice the speed of the camshaft. On every 4 stroke engine. So, once on TDC cam is aligned, turn the engine once to TDC and the cam is 180° out. Turn it again to TDC and the cam is on the mark. That's why all the...
  13. nordmaschine

    Hacked III: Third Time's The Charm (M90 940 Edition) (prev. Hacked II)

    Finally, some good progress! Keep at it! IP bracket bolts have a habit of being full of chisel marks from some monkeys tightening or loosening them that way. A regular M10 (17mm head) bolt and a "special" thin wrench works a treat. You got dial gauge for the IP?
  14. nordmaschine

    760 IRS Nivomat delete - springs - revisited

    Got a 760 that has had rear springs replaced with some Mercedes units, I think from the front of a W123, decade(s) ago. Incredible high and stiff, plus it has all the positive camber a proper tractor owner would want and more. Shocks I have replaced with non-nivomat units, for a live-axle car...
  15. nordmaschine

    S/V/C '01 V70 T-5 autotragic crash course, please!

    Went full retard tonight and bought an '01 V70 T-5 autotragic. Never ever had a Wrong Wheel Drive Volvo and intended for it to stay that way, plus I hate whiteblocks but hey, the car was dirt cheap and good, apart from the autotragic which was advertised as dead. It's a US car, with MPH cluster...
  16. nordmaschine

    940 125km/h chime

    Friend's got a 940 that was originally Arabian Emirates market car and hence has a relay/chime that goes on at 125km/h (70mph) and drives him insane. He can't locate the damn thing, and I can't find it in any wiring diagram I looked at. Except for that car, I never heard of that chime in a 940...
  17. nordmaschine

    740 How do I open rear doors?

    Bought an '86 744 turbodiesel as a parts car. It was parked in a forest in 2002 and left there. Apparently, rear doors were locked the whole time. Front doors weren't, so they open just like any normal car. Rears are stuck shut. I tried WD40, I tried working the lock pin up and down. Inner...
  18. nordmaschine

    740 B230et

    Anyone got P/N for B230ET (Motronic) ECT? Does it use the same one as any of the Jetronics?
  19. nordmaschine

    940 hard cold start

    Running out of ideas. '92 940T. Symptoms: First start of the day, or after ~5+ hours,, it will crank for almost 10 seconds before starting. Pumping accelerator seems to help, or not. When it does start, it will sputter for a second or two, then resume normal, solid idle and work and start fine...