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  1. GTJordan

    Volvo Library

    They are smart to hold onto them. Ours live in the basement also, but when a 240-S70 comes in, they are priceless. (Don't doubt that the day they say they are getting rid of them, I will be first in line to add to my own collection at home).
  2. GTJordan

    Wire Harnesses Construction

    Thanks guys. I'm so use to having every pin labeled with which die I need to use, and probably 50 different dies and crimpers to select from. Once again, just over thinking things.
  3. GTJordan

    Wire Harnesses Construction

    Where do you get the different dies for them? Amazon? Or was there one in the kit that covered the JPT pins?
  4. GTJordan

    Wire Harnesses Construction

    Crimpers. I'm looking for a nice crimper with interchangeable dies, or a kit to cover a wide assortment of connectors. To start- Junior POwer Timer connector pins. Does anyone have a recommendation? I have a deutch connector tool already and spent the weekend crimping. I'd like to do all...
  5. GTJordan

    XC90 T6 2004 dies when connected to AMM

    Not even kidding how often I see this. Just last night as I'm walking out of work, a new tech calls me over. "How often do you call MAFs on these?" (It was a P3, but same thing). Never I reply. Every time someone calls one, it never fixes the problem. Tell him to check all the pipes...
  6. GTJordan

    Trans swap options?

    My co worker just put a TKX in his little Mazda wagon that is pretty damn quick. He was saying that it shifts really nice and crisp upward of 9k rpm. The guys he got his kit from spin over 10k and say it shifts nice at those speeds even.
  7. GTJordan

    XC90 T6 2004 dies when connected to AMM

    Push down as hard as you can on the pipe that attaches to the throttle body. Those codes, plus the way you describe things, has always been a pipe off for me. You said you smoke tested the intake, how much pressure? The rubber hose that goes to the passenger side of the IC likes to split...
  8. GTJordan

    My C30 T5 has seen some things.... (auto transmission leak)

    https://diaglaptops.com/wp/ Here ya go. Already set up, The better quality DICE unit. Ready to roll (also he puts a bunch of other programs on, and the wiring diagram disk).
  9. GTJordan

    My C30 T5 has seen some things.... (auto transmission leak)

    Get a Vida laptop. The trans pan looks to be the source of your leak. It is fairly easy to change on a P1 chassis due to no cross member in the way. It is sealed with an rtv. Transmission flush might not be needed, you'll lose about 4L of fluid doing the pan, which is about half. Flushes...
  10. GTJordan

    XC90 T6 2004 dies when connected to AMM

    Clear all of the codes. Take it for two drive cycles. Then screen shot the VIDA codes for me
  11. GTJordan

    Post pics of your Volvo.

    Pushed the 242 out of the garage to clean. Hasn't been on 4 wheels in a couple of years. (also wanted to test out inserting a photo on the new forum!)
  12. GTJordan

    Custom rear axle shafts?

    Dutchmen made the SloVo Race team their axles. Maybe Dana can chime in, but I believe it is a factory diff in it still, nothing out of the ordinary. Jordan
  13. GTJordan

    MaxxECU Questions and Support/Purchase: Post them here

    Honestly, they'll probably get you running. Then you just start tooning from there
  14. GTJordan

    DBW throttle bodies/ pedal

    I'm using a Bosche from a Volvo that Xemodex rebuilt/upgraded. I am going to use a hella or Volvo pedal and I got an adapter from a guy in Sweden that made a run of them. Pretty simple thing.
  15. GTJordan

    T5 speed sensor for ms3

    Such as, https://www.summitracing.com/parts/sum-800600fmc?rrec=true
  16. GTJordan

    4cl t5 swap questions

    I have two T5's torn apart. I could probably part with the 5ths from one of them (I went to .8 5th)
  17. GTJordan

    T5 speed sensor for ms3

    I looked around for a while for something to use as a speed sensor in my T5 with my ECU. I never really found a difinitive sensor without using converter boxes and stuff. I didn't see this sensor in my search though. That might be interesting. Jordan
  18. GTJordan

    M41 Crossmember Options (Cross Member for easy searching!)

    I probably have one of those cross members. But it's in a tent still under 2 feet of snow. I can try and get out there this weekend if some of the snow disappears.
  19. GTJordan

    Do all 2016 XC70's have a remote start feature?

    It is an accessory. It is a software which is downloaded to the car. It was not standard (at least in Canada, where I'd expect it to be). Vast majority of people in my area had it installed at delivery. No remote start at -40c sucks. Jordan
  20. GTJordan

    1994 945 Turbo Ultimate DD Build

    To cut down on the spit from our vacuum bleeder, we have another hose off the bleed that we run down into an empty container or a fenderwell. Just keeps the mess down. Jordan