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  1. volvo 4 life

    B230ft tuning recommendations

    Sometimes part of the fun is modding the car that most other people wouldn’t. Anyone can purchase a bmw with a tune and have a great handling fast car, but that can get boring quick for some people. If you like the Volvo, stick with it, that’s why there’s turbobricks. It would make sense to get...
  2. volvo 4 life

    Began polishing of B52 head. Need some advice.

    I would continue with it and report back with the results. The worst that happens is you have no/marginal gains. It’s hard to imagine that smoothing out the casting flaws would cause a worse flowing port. Remember, cars used to atomize fuel with carburetors, so I don’t think removing a small...
  3. volvo 4 life

    BCP head power record/limit

    I don’t know what it is but the 530 valve cover just looks off in the older engine bay. It sounds stupid but it’s something that bugs me. I really appreciate the offer, thank you. I do have a small coolant passage 398 head but it’s unported. The car runs very very well with this head so I’m...
  4. volvo 4 life

    BCP head power record/limit

    It definitely is a pretty thin spot in the casting, I can see how that could cause some excessive flex in that area. Is there a guide to properly welding the passages?
  5. volvo 4 life

    BCP head power record/limit

    I’ve heard about the weak spots it’s just hard to believe that’s the real issue when newer vehicles run much higher cylinder pressures and far less material around the fire rings on the block. I’d imagine much of the reliability on modern engines is associated with far better tuning and I’d...
  6. volvo 4 life

    MBC Question

    Thanks for the update. I can’t tell you how many threads I’ve read where the issue is never truly resolved in the end.
  7. volvo 4 life

    BCP head power record/limit

    That’s impressive. I’d be happy to be able to run a reliable 15-17 psi out of my 19t that I built. I’ve been waiting to install it until I do some fuel system upgrades but I think I’d be pretty close to the limit on the stock transmission at that point. I have a hard time believing that the Bcp...
  8. volvo 4 life

    BCP head power record/limit

    I’ve been doing some searching and can’t find too much info regarding the power limits of big coolant passage heads on turbo engines. My cylinder head is a home ported 160 on a 79 b21f bottom end and it is a Bcp head. I had heavy heavy pinging when it blew the head gasket recently, and this...
  9. volvo 4 life

    b21ft rebuilding

    I’d stay with the b21 for the simple fact they don’t suffer from piston slap. Not that it’s a big deal and the squirters pretty much resolve that potential issue anyway, but I have never ever heard a b21 or b23 with piston slap. It drives me nuts. Also, the b21 will have a forged crank and rods...
  10. volvo 4 life

    Exhaust valve cracked? B21F+T 160 head

    Just realized you posted the link to new valves, wow you weren’t kidding on the price. I think I’ll try to find some used ones.
  11. volvo 4 life

    Exhaust valve cracked? B21F+T 160 head

    The head was actually off the engine at this point, I just took it with my iPhone and zoomed in! I’ve decided I’ll just have to remove it again and replace the valves. Kind of sucks but everything was already loose a week ago so I should have to fight any stuck bolts. If anyone has a good source...
  12. volvo 4 life

    Exhaust valve cracked? B21F+T 160 head

    I showed the picture to the guy at the local machine shop today and he immediately said it looks cracked. Bummer. Either way, I’m going to pull the head again and put new valves in before driving it too much more. Is there a good source for new sodium filled valves? I’d replace the whole head...
  13. volvo 4 life

    Exhaust valve cracked? B21F+T 160 head

    I turbo’d the original b21f in my 79 242 in 2010 and replaced the original cylinder head with a later 160 head off a non turbo 244. Milled the head flat, ported it a bit and put my b cam in there and ran it for years on lh2.2. Just blew the head gasket Friday and wanted to make it to the fcp...
  14. volvo 4 life

    Aftermarket turbine options for td04hl turbos, any benefit?

    I?ve stumbled across these two turbines for Mitsubishi turbos, made by mamba performance. The 9 blade turbine would seem to make sense for a little extra flow given that there should be less surface area on the wheel. The 5+5 turbine is very interesting as I?ve never seen that wheel design on...
  15. volvo 4 life

    Fitting ESR 17x8.5 wheels on a 242

    I?m looking at buying a set of esr wheels. They?re 17x8.5 with 5x108 bolt pattern and 30mm offset according to the description and I?d like to run them on my 79 242. The car has 2 coils cut off the stock springs in front and I?m going to cut 1 out of the rears in the spring. Is there any...
  16. volvo 4 life

    stock 9 inch turbo clutch vs non turbo

    I have a 1990 240 with an M47 as a parts car and I just pulled the transmission for my 1979 242. The clutch on the parts car looks damn near brand new, there's still cross hatching on the flywheel. My car has a turbo'd B21f with a 13c, b cam, LH2.2 and mildly ported head. Is there any difference...
  17. volvo 4 life

    BW55 bellhousing with M46 transmission?

    Is it possible to use an auto bellhousing off a BW55 on an M46? I have a BW55 in my 1980 264 diesel and would like to eventually convert it to a manual transmission so I can have an overdrive but finding a manual diesel bellhousing is proving to be very tough. Anybody know if this is possible or...
  18. volvo 4 life

    Best clutch for 79 242 turbo and M47?

    I currently have an M45 in my 1979 242 that I converted to lh2.2 and has a 13c. Right now the boost is set to only the stock 7 psi because anything over that causes the stock 8.5 inch N/A clutch to slip. I have a 91 244 parts car that I'm taking the m47 out of to put in mine so I have a 5th gear...
  19. volvo 4 life

    240 Will a 1991 240 fuel pump fit my 1979 242?

    My main fuel pump stopped working on my car this week, hit it with a hammer and it turns a few times and stops so it's shot. The in tank pump works fine. I have a 1991 244 parts car with a good pump on it, will it fit my car without modification? I would buy a brand new one but I can't find any...
  20. volvo 4 life

    1988 volvo 740 idling high after new IAC valve

    My dad recently purchased a 1988 740 with a five speed and after 2 weeks it developed a problem where after driving the car for a little while it will idle really high (2500 rpm) like the iac valve is stuck completely open. I hit the valve with a hammer when it was doing this and the idle came...