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  1. Sleazy_E

    LH 2.2 ecu&ezk Question

    Can ecu: 591 and ezk: 0 261 201 012 be used on 16v turbo b230 w/ 960 throttle body?
  2. Sleazy_E

    240 Nova wheels -- rare?

    All, I meant to add this a few months ago when I bought them, but i drove 4 hours to pick up a set of NOVA wheels. Yes, insane, but I really like the look of them and without any disregard for what the forum says... I bought them for $400 and $25 for some Ft. Worth BBQ for my passengers. So...
  3. Sleazy_E

    Tire Advice

    All, I picked up a set of Novas and I'm looking at getting Dunlop Direzza Z1 Star Specs -- :) I was thinking of getting 195/50R15 for the fronts and 205/50R15 for the rear for autoX. Thoughts?
  4. Sleazy_E

    240 Volvo GT question - rough idle and screaming fuel pump issues

    Hey all, 1980 Volvo GT (2.1 B21 CIS)here. I finally got the car back (yesterday) after having it in the mechanic's shop for 8 months. It finally Runs and drives, but i noticed something when I first started it up: 1) When the car starts up, the car idles like a bucking bronco -- a lot harder...
  5. Sleazy_E

    Volk TE-37s (knock-offs) - Question

    Hey guys, Anyone know of a wheel maker that has Volk TE-37s in 5x108 to fit on a 240? As much as I like the look of the BBS LM wheel, I'm in love with the TE-37s. I really want to stay away from spacers as my car will see some track days.
  6. Sleazy_E

    240 Need help! Engine flooding... engine not starting :(

    Hey guys, I just put in my repaired fuel sending unit and I blew my fuel pump fuse like crazy (I was using a white 8 amp)... so I got annoyed after blowing 5 and just replaced it with a blue 25 amp fuse. After trying to start the car for the last 20 minutes the blue is just fine without a blow...
  7. Sleazy_E

    240 Rebuilt Fuel Level Sending Unit

    I just spent the weekend rebuilding my old sending unit... cannibalized another i picked up from a junk yard. Bad problem is one of the wires soldered to the brass top broke off... and i had to resolder it. Any chance if my solder isn't 100% spot on, the wire can ignite in the tank and my newly...
  8. Sleazy_E

    Thinking of buying 83 Turbo Engine

    Hey all, I found a turbo engine from an 83 turbo at the junkyard near me... I know the owner and he said he'd sell me the entire engine (ecu, harness and all) for $250... despite the great deal it is i've noticed the car has been "thrown" around a few times on the yard and going through two...
  9. Sleazy_E

    Small Bumper for 242

    What years did the smaller bumper come on and will it fit on an 80 GT?
  10. Sleazy_E

    Highest expected NA horsepower

    What's the highest expected NA horsepower one can get out of a B21F? For example, once my car is up and running, I'd really like to have 180hp without a turbo. Being a newb to B engines... I'm not sure if that's a pipe dream. (FWIW, I understand the concept of stroking and boring :oogle:).
  11. Sleazy_E

    1980 GT Trouble - Lots of questions and pics

    Hey Guys... I took another crack at my 1980 GT this morning (I was planning on installing new vac lines, injectors, fuel pump, and aux air valve hoses) and I hit a snag after looking at some diagrams and feeling around the bay. (Background info: when I try to start the car, my first cylinder...
  12. Sleazy_E

    240 Anyone with '80 GT interior photos?

    I'm trying to piece my interior back together, but I'm not sure what order those handy switches go into... and I think my GT has two AC knobs... (?)... Any photos of what it's supposed to look like would be GREATLY appreciated.