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  1. phuz

    '91 940 Instrument indicator lights

    The downside to not touching the 940 in the last 5 years is that I forget what everything is. I'm finally beginning the wiring with the 2JZ swap and I need a couple of wires tied into the instrument cluster. By putting a battery to the car and key on, I only get the "SERVICE" "PARK BRAKE" and...
  2. phuz

    Windshield wiper cover securing clips

    I have no idea what these clips are called, but this cowling has 3 clips that help pull it against the windshield for a good seal. I need to get a new clip.
  3. phuz

    Vacuum brake/clutch switch

    Part: Hella 004 529 Why is there a vacuum connection to this? & Where can I get a plug for it?
  4. phuz

    940 Firewall drilling

    Are there any "safe" places to drill at the firewall for tiny panel screws? I have some wiring brackets that I need to secure and panel screws are the easiest. However, I have no idea what is on the other side of the firewall and do not want to accidentally puncture something (ie, AC...
  5. phuz

    Widest tire on a 940 with minor body modifications

    I'm not great with body work, and have never even rolled a fender (although it looks pretty straight-forward with the right tool). I'm wondering what maximum width I can get away with on a 940 for my drag radials. I'm going to be running 16x8.5" steel race wheels. Can I get 255s in there...
  6. phuz

    940 Clutch Master Cylinder (larger bore)

    Is there a 7/8" bore clutch master cylinder that will work on a 940? With a stock pedal, and FAG 3/4" clutch master cylinder, there was quite a bit of "dead" area up top and I wasn't getting full engagement of the slave cylinder. Since that master cylinder has no adjustment to it, I welded an...
  7. phuz

    Intercooler suggestions for 550-600hp

    There's a few people I have tried to contact regarding their 2JZGTE 940 but I haven't heard anything back. I'm finding it hard to locate an ideal intercooler to fit in this car to support the power that my setup produces. I've found a Mishimoto G-Line, but I'm thinking it might be a little...
  8. phuz

    Fuel line capacity (lph)

    I'm getting closer to startup and remembering things that I should have thought of earlier. What is the limit of the stock fuel line? Assuming 100% duty cycle of my (6) 1000cc injectors, I need to support 360lph. My pump is a 416lph, but I need to make sure the line is sufficient to handle...
  9. phuz

    FMIC options in 940 for high HP

    I'm struggling trying to find a FMIC that will fit in the 940 and still support high HP. Because the opening between the headlights is somewhat narrow, I'm thinking I'm limited to 22" wide, therefore needing a 4-5" thick core. Need to support 600whp. Any good sources out there or am I going...
  10. phuz

    940 Rear (LSD) options

    I recently posted about finding an LSD diff for a 240 I was going to get. Plans changed and I am now picking up a 940 (1991). I'm aware some of these came with a G80 locker, and while it's better than open, it won't suffice for the torque I'll be twisting through it. So...again...what are my...
  11. phuz

    240 Rear Diff options

    What are my options for LSD for a 240? Need something 3.40 or taller to accommodate a CD009 transmission.