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    Turbo upgrade for 87 B230ft

    What do I need to upgrade on my 87 b230ft for a turbo upgrade. And what turbo should I upgrade to for 250-300 hp. Thanks.
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    Quad style headlights on 89 Volvo 740 Euro spec

    I wanna put the US quad style headlights on my Euro spec 89 Volvo 740. I?m in Australia and want to see how hard it it and if it can be done. I also wanna swap the lights for some LED lights cause I like the white light look. Can anyone help?
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    Manual Swap t5 1989 Volvo 740 gle

    Hey guys, new to this site and wanted to know what?s involved and what?s need to swap a t5 onto the b230f engine and if it can be done. Also what t5 trans should I use? Do I need the Volvo manual pedal box? Does a t56 trans fit?