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    Totally not Volvo but COOL

    This looks like my new project . I'm not sure when will be done. My estimatings are probably next summer . I'm very close with finishing my 242 wide body . Got to keep myself busy. This is my formula This PLUS This Equals This AMG RED PIG 1967 280sel chassis 1993 500sel 4...
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    6 speed options

    I have very happy 242 with 16v swap . Cars is great . Running also t5 tranny. I was almost sure that I was buying tranny out of v8 but after looking in to it , I found that it came out 2.3 sho mustang . Don't have any issues with it just don't like the super short first gear . 3rd and 4th feels...
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    242 build , next one "bumperless"

    242 Build , next one "bumperless" this is my 1984 242 turbo Story . Factory 4 speed with overdrive and turbo 2.3 . The day when I piked it up from red hook area upstate ny . Lots of rust . Paid $500 for it . That was July of 2012 and sweet interior, There was more hornt's nests inside then...
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    Eaton g80 locker question , rear end ratio

    I got eaton g80 installed in my 84 turbo 242 Weight was cut off so it locks at higher speeds too. Left turn and straight driving locks great . But while making right turn only right wheel starts to spin . Locker doesn't seen to be working at all. I have tried dumping clutch on purpose while...
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    Fuel pump suggestions 16v

    I have 16v running . I installed it in 1984 242gt Still running stock f. Pumps that came with k-jet Of coure i am on the budget . Any suggestions . What pumps to use? Lets say 350whp . I know that both have to be changed . Probably main pump walbro 255lph will be enought . What about intank...
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    16v Running ;)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNXIAsyff6c Next week first drive
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    T5 avalanche performance adapter plate , big problem

    Hello everybody . I bought first generation of avalanche performance adapter plate for T5 tranny I am using 1985 mustang sho tranny 2.4 turbo . I got transmission out today , 1984 242 turbo . removed bell housing . Placed plate on the bell housing and bottom bolts aren't lining up at all ...
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    New 16v turbo engine for 242 project

    This should be install in next 2 weeks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dTC6s8cw0w
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    Looking for advice . 242 turbo 16v engine harness

    I am in the middle of building 242 with 16v turbo . Car is getting paint job done tomorrow. All the rust was taken care . Interior is almost done . I have b230 with 16v head on it with custom header and K24 out of 911 . anf T5 borg conversion Engine harness is shot, Wires are disappearing as...