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    Trouble shooting a first start.

    I'm currently working on a MS2 first start and im having some trouble getting the engine to fire. Before i lose my mind and go down a rabbit hole i wanted to double check a few things with peeps who are far more experienced than i am. B21 531 head IPD turbo cam STS cam gear ID1000 injectors...
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    Direct Replacement 240 Switches

    I'm currently wiring my car from scratch and i came across these Eaton NGR switches. They're almost an exact drop in replacement for the stock switches. You can order them in just about any configuration as well. They even come with illuminated and spring return options. I hope this is helpful...
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    Steering column seal

    I just restored my steering column and found out the PO had the sleeves around the shaft seated in the springs instead of the bearing. So that handles the clicking in the shaft. I put everything back together and it looks like I might still be missing something. Is there a seal that's...
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    Rear Brake Proportioning Valves

    Im in the middle of completely redoing the brake system in my 262c. Everything is new except the rear brake proportioning valves. I soaked them in Kerosene in a sonic cleaner to get all the tar and what not off of them and they look pretty good for being from 1978. That being said though, i...
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    Exhaust clearance to the ground. (A request)

    I'm in the middle of fitting up my 262 exhaust. I'm doing a run of single 3" and my first muffler isn't fitting as well as I had hoped. It feels like it's hanging down way too far. One of the reasons I picked it was because it was almost exactly the same size as the factory resonator. I was...
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    Rear dust shields Left and Right the same?

    Im buying some parts to finish up my 240 rear end and the dust shields are perplexing me. All the sources i have point to only the left side being available. Are they reversible? Will a left hand side one flip over and mount on the right side?
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    Ultimate Custom Wheel Specs

    I'm about to order a set of 4 custom wheels for my 262c. If you had a choice for a single offset for all 4 wheels, what would you choose? I'm limited to a 17x8 wheel size but i get to choose my offset and lug pattern. I'm not going to be running very low, and i don't want to roll my...
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    Stock resonator size

    Does anyone know what the case dimensions are for the factory resonator? Or have one they can measure?
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    Overflow line reloation

    Is there any reason why i would want to avoid having the overflow line dip down under the level of the port on the radiator? Or would it be better to have it run up above the radiator port then back down to the overflow tank. The reason i ask is because the intake i want to use, runs right...
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    GT2871 internal wastegate preload

    I'm still buttoning up a bunch of loose ends in my engine bay right now and i ran into this little issue. I purchased this http://www.atpturbo.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=tp&Product_Code=ATP-WGT-024&Category_Code=VSR2 And this...
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    Alternator relocation problems.

    Because of how busy a Volvo engine gets on the hot side, i planned to move my alternator to the drivers side of my engine. My alt has sitting on a 740 bracket for months now and i finally got around to getting belts because i scored a Group A pulley. Much to my surprise this setup wont work...
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    Group A aluminum pulley questions

    I recently purchased a group A aluminum underdrive pulley and i had some questions. There isn't really any info on this particular part and i wouldn't think i would need any info on a pulley install but I'm a bit confused. It came with the main two row pulley and the single row second pulley...
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    School me on FPR's real fast

    If i'm running a DW300 fuel pump, ID1000 injectors and a stock fuel rail, can i just use a factory 3 bar rising rate fuel pressure regulator? Or do i need to jump up to a 4 bar? Also, i might be confused about this but the boost referenced FPR tries to maintain your base fuel pressure as boost...
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    Heater return in 531 head

    So I'm in the middle of getting my whole water system buttoned up and i realized that i don't have the tube on the side of the head for the heater return. The hole where it should be is a plug with what looks like a stripped out allen head. Rather than trying to drill and tap that thing out...
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    DO88 Radiator fitment issues.

    I purchased a universal radiator a long while back that fit super well in my engine bay, but i realized later that it was going to be more expensive to weld up the proper fittings into it for the expansion tank and what not. And the radiator cap was going to be right in the way of my factory...
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    Help me build up a rear end.

    I've been reading as much as i can on building up a rear end for my car and man, NONE of the threads are clear about anything. I might need some help here for getting everything together. I'm sure someone can chime in with some answers, or some insults. :-D **UPDATE** This ended up being a 1030...
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    740 coolant lines in a 240

    Random question, If I order 740 coolant lines with the Turbo water feeds will they work with a 240? Radiator is in the stock non intercooled location.
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    Oil canning body panels.

    I'm no body guy, but I've been trying to get my car ready for painting and I've run I to a little annoyance. The hood and trunk aren't really connected to the under side supports. So after I worked out a few small dings, I'm dealing with some oil canning of the panels. Actually I'm dealing...
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    Master cylinder question. Do I have a RHD one?

    So a while back I bought a WAGNER MC110999 master cylinder for my 78, 262c. I just got around to putting it on now and I realized that the second brake line port is on the strut tower side. This would not be an issue if it wasn't almost touching the strut tower there is no way to get a fitting...
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    Commando bumper questions

    So I've been searching and I haven't found an answer to either of these questions. 1. Is there an up and a down on the commando bumpers? It appears as if they're can mount either way. And 2. Has anyone tucked the commandos? I love how they look but they stick out really far, especially in...