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  1. Hepcat34

    122 with 240 hubs.

    Has anyone attempted to fit 240 hubs onto 122? Yes I did start by doing a search. I am Working on a '66 122 wagon (220) and am going to run a narrowed 940 rear end. I was considering finding different wheel bearings that will fit the late 240 hubs to the 122 spindles. Just to try and explain. I...
  2. Hepcat34

    16 valve conversion in 93 240 for California

    So I am contemplating doing a 16 valve conversion for my 93 240. My concerns are that I am in California, and I need to keep it street legal. I guess my biggest concern is engine management Mega Squirt is frowned upon. I am pretty good at diagnostics, but actual set up of components is where I...
  3. Hepcat34

    Bg progressive rate springs.

    Has anyone used the bg progressive rate springs? I want to go to a progressive spring, but I don't want to stiffen up the suspension to the point that it is an uncomfortable ride.
  4. Hepcat34

    240 M47 conversion

    So i am beginning the conversion of my 93 240 from an auto trans to the M47. I just got the brake pedal out, and getting ready to put in the clutch pedal assy. Man that was a total bastard! I would like to find out a little about which fluid to use. I have always understood that the M46, and M47...
  5. Hepcat34

    B230 sequential fire conversion

    Has anyone tried to set up a b230 na w/ sequential fuel injection? I am looking to increase fuel efficiency. The concerns I have is that I am in California, and my ultimate project for her is to improve upon her, but not heavily modify. Additionally if there is a way to trick the ecu to not set...