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    1994 945t door chime never stops

    Meant to update this the other day. Tinkered with the switches on the doors and tailgate one at a time. I'd never noticed them before. But I couldn't get the chime to cut off. Pulled the relay out and all is peaceful again. Thanks guys.
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    1994 945t door chime never stops

    Thanks foe the reply, but I don't see anything labeled for the 'chime' on my diagram thing. Which fuse?
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    1994 945t door chime never stops

    Finally got my starting issue fixed in my 940 and have been driving it almost daily. But now the door chime has started chiming constantly. Is there any way to delete the chime altogether or fix it? A relay or something? It's terrible driving around with the chime going nonstop. Thanks fellas.
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    940 '94 940 radio suppression relay connector

    The connector for this relay is crumbling. My first thought was Dave Barton and he does have it. But he is on vacation the next ten days. Is this the only source? Do I need to wait out out?
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    Volvo 940 13c to 19t swap as told by my daughter + Issues

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/Wzsns12TWss" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> Ok. First, this is mostly a children's video that my daughter and I enjoyed...
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    940 sunroof woes

    Needless to say, what a frustrating problem to have. My 1994 945 has started leaking through the sunroof. My driver's side front and rear floor boards have gotten soaking wet. The car was pointing nose down in the driveway during the last rain. I've had all the doors open for days and hitting it...
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    940 1994 945 Turbo intermittent no start then start

    I just wanted to update this with my solution. I ended up buying a new crank sensor that didn't help my problem. My brother and I fairly extensively tested the coolant temp sensor and confirmed it was working at all temperatures per Volvo spec. Eventually we realized when the no start was...
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    940 1994 945 Turbo intermittent no start then start

    Good afternoon, This issue has been happening since I bought this car. Worth mentioning it was a turbobrickers car before me, although I didn't buy it from an enthusiast. Sometimes, no apparent rhyme or reason, the car will not start. It may have started 6 times earlier that day. Or it may...
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    940 Quick radiator question

    In a pinch, I've thrown a n/a 940 radiator into my '95 944 turbo. I'll find out if it cools well enough if I can get the car driving. It doesn't do any traffic or anything. My question is besides the transmission cooler lines, there is another plug on the passenger side. It literally pulls out...
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    Poly accessory bushings

    This might should just be in maintenance... I've now broken two or three alternator tensioner brackets. I'm trying to figure out why. <a href='http://i.imgur.com/OjdxTku' title=''><img src='http://i.imgur.com/OjdxTkul.jpg' alt='' title='Hosted by imgur.com' /></a> These blue poly bushings...
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    School me on cbv's

    I recently pressure tested my 1995 944t to check for boost leaks. Among others, I had a leaking cbv. This sparked my interest and so the research began. I learned (apparently) that our cbv's only work well to around 15 psi and then something is needed with a stronger spring. I'm running 20 psi...
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    Steering wheel hub for 940?

    Thinking about pulling the trigger on a steering wheel adapter. But which do I need or want for a '95 940. https://www.bneshop.com/collections/700-900-volvo-parts/products/960-racing-steering-wheel-adapter Or...
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    Spark plug wires

    This is trivial I'm sure. 1995 944 turbo with wasted spark. I originally placed my Bosch coil where a 240 distributor lives so I could use factory 240 wires. The problem is 240 and 7/9 wires have different fittings. 7/9 wires "click" into place on the coil while 240 wires do not. I was forced...
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    board usage

    I always notice this at the bottom of the forum.. Currently Active Users: 287 (50 members and 237 guests) How is there always so many "guests" browsing and not members? Are these guests just people who come across turbobricks via google or something? Seems there would be lots more action...
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    tps adjustments

    1995 940 turbo b230ft m47 I'm still working on a sporadic high idle I get after driving hard/highway driving. I'm beginning to look at my TPS being out of adjustment. I read how to adjust it, more or less and also about the click it's supposed to make. I know it should click as soon as you...
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    New site layout

    All the subforums are all mixed up and in different sections? Or is it just me?
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    Contemplating a rear main seal

    1990 740 turbo aw71 My brother and I are trying to solve his rather large oil leak. We have meticulously cleaned the engine bay to try and track this down. We also changed the oil separator box for Volvo oe. Verified all pcv hoses are clear and even the small brass nipple. After these...
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    Injectors, one and done?

    1995 940 turbo Chipped 16t Cam Intercooler 3" downpipe to 2.5" exhaust Stock injectors I recently put the 3" downpipe on and now have access to my wide band. I want to adjust the boost to the 18-20 psi range on my 16t. I did and the first couple pulls in second gear yielded AFR in the low 14s...
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    Ect sensor problems

    My 1990 740 turbo wagon recently threw a 2-3-2 code for too rich/too lean mixture. I inspected all the rubber on the car and began ordering parts since everything looked original. I replaced all the intercooler and vacuum hoses as well as the intake manifold gasket and ect sensor since they were...
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    740 Replacing rubber on a '90 740 turbo/ 2-3-2 code diagnosis

    While trying to figure out a 2-3-2 code, I pulled and inspected all of the pressure hoses on my 740 turbo. I need to replace all of it as it all seems original and are soft. The first hose going from turbo to intercooler was torn where the hose clamp rests. All of my radiator hoses, idle hoses...