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  1. K

    Failing 25mph NOx Levels During Smog Test

    Regardless of what the source or prior condition of the downpipe was, if it holds vacuum it's also not gonna be leaking enough to cause issues.
  2. K

    Abs light on pin 3 diagnostic wont work

    Check the wiring to the speed sensor in the rear differential cover. It wears out and breaks or shorts, often intermittently. It provides speed signal to both the ABS computer and the speedometer. Fix is a new wiring pigtail spliced in to replace the damaged wiring and/or connector. The sensor...
  3. K

    Cylinder scoring, need some (b)advice on a course of action.

    And if it can't be honed out, you can always take it in for a bore instead. Can't do that in the other order.
  4. K

    Weird cruise control

    It can take more than just a couple hours for someone who knows the answer to your question to show up. I certainly don't. Have patience.
  5. K

    Engine whine synced to revs, power steering pump? [video with sound]

    If you push the wheel all the way to full lock and hold it there (putting more load on the pump), does it get any louder?
  6. K

    Can I use 2 "right" side engine mounts?

    The Yoshifab mounts are suppostedly: 1. much stiffer than typical motor mounts, even the diesel one, so you will get a lot of vibration transfer 2. available elsewhere cheaper? https://www.turbobricks.com/index.php?threads/better-m47-and-b230-motor-mounts-in-240.360428/#post-6187094
  7. K

    Flennor Hose (from Belmetric)

    One of those number/letter groups on the Gates hose should be a part # you can look up to see if it's appropriately rated. Gates hose is good quality but it's hard to tell which one you have without looking it up. https://www.gates.com/us/en/fluid-power/engine-hose/fuel-line-hose.html
  8. K

    Can I use 2 "right" side engine mounts?

    Last time I looked the diesel left side was just not available anywhere.
  9. K

    Lost a bolt somewhere you really don’t want to lose one

    What's on the other side of that hole? I haven't owned a K-jet block... If it just drops the bolt into the oil pan, I don't think it would hurt anything - too big to get sucked into the oil pickup, wrong shape to block it significantly.
  10. K

    Questions regarding replacement rims for my 740t

    Kaplhenke (bikaplan on these forums) sells nice sets of spacers if you want to fit appropriately sized FWD wheels, at a reasonable price - but you'll spend a bit vs just buying a set of RWD wheels. If you do get spacers I would aim for the ones like bikaplan sells which use extended lugs -...
  11. K

    Coolant gauge intermittent… need your advice!

    Good news is it looks like you aren't overheating - no idea how accurate that thermometer is but if anything you're running cold.
  12. K

    Coolant gauge intermittent… need your advice!

    Does your cluster still have the small temperature compensator board ("faker") installed? That's the most common cause of temperature gauge issues. https://cleanflametrap.com/tempFaker.html If you are concerned about the accuracy of the reading, you can get a "second opinion" on the...
  13. K

    Are the 2008-2016 XC70 cross bars the same as used on other models?

    Here's the OEM accessory list. If you click through to the individual parts you can see the part #s. https://accessories.volvocars.com/en-us/XC70(08-)/Accessories/Sections/pack-n-load/2016#section_load-carriers A number of websites sell them new still...
  14. K

    Recommendation on dash replacement 83 GLT

    The bracket vs the radio bezel is a swappable piece. Lots of people buy the 240 Turbo 3-gauge panel and swap it into their late model radio location. For aftermarket DIN radio installation, you can get mounting brackets for either the upper or lower positions. I think the only catch might be...
  15. K

    Slipping timing

    The belt markings line up again after 246 revolutions. https://www.turbobricks.com/index.php?threads/how-do-i-dispute-an-auto-shop.370676/page-4#post-6353917
  16. K

    Bent rear trailing arm bushing ears

    The original "special Volvo tool" has a spacer which goes between the two ears which prevents them getting squeezed together while you press the bushing in.
  17. K

    Recommendation on dash replacement 83 GLT

    Just from a quick look at photos, it seems like the '83 has the "new" layout and stuff should line up as far as HVAC and gauges go. I can't comment on the metal supports under the dash and whether they were updated between '83 and '92. The "early" dash most people talk about is from the 70s and...
  18. K

    Do these crimp connectors have a proper name?

    Here's the DigiKey catalog search that has them in it, as far as I can tell - https://www.digikey.com/short/vptw0c94
  19. K

    Wheel Well / Side Trim predicament

    for sticking trim back on you can't go wrong with 3M. the liquid adhesive for small parts that need to be flush, double sided body tape for larger ones