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  1. Sir Psycho

    GTA wheel center cap options?

    Is everyone just running the ugly Trans Am center caps that stick out really far? They seem to cost $100/set. I was hoping there is another option that some of you are running. Currently I am running no caps:
  2. Sir Psycho

    What is the torque spec for bellhousing bolts?

    The 18mm and 19mm head bolts that attach the AW71 bellhousing to the engine block, what's their torque spec?
  3. Sir Psycho

    Help! AW71L gear stuck after accumulator mod

    I moved the shift lever so that the toothed part moved all the way forward and stuck. Not sure if this is park or what, but I cannot move it back. I did this with the valve body off although the picture shows it installed.
  4. Sir Psycho

    Accumulator mod: Pistons don't look as expected

    Doing the accumulator mod, my Pistons look different than others aka Eamonn's YouTube video im following. The one on the left has two springs, one on top one below. Eamonn's was flat without a second spring just like the piston on the right. Did different years have different pistons, some...
  5. Sir Psycho

    Steps for pulling an AW71

    A 1995 940 showed up at the yard and I need its transmission. I'm pretty sure turbo or non-turbo doesn't matter and it should be an AW71L? What tools do I need to bring with me? I plan on taking the torque converter with it as well. I haven't had much luck finding a step-by-step for pulling...
  6. Sir Psycho

    Symptoms of a dying fuel pump?

    1995 940 B230FT stock fuel system Lately I've heard a whining noise when I'm not giving the car gas and it is coasting from low speeds (10mph) and sometimes at idle. It goes away as soon as I give it gas and I don't think it happens at higher speeds but it could be too loud to hear it then. I...
  7. Sir Psycho

    In memory of TrickMick meet

    Post your pictures! I got a few bad ones just to show people came.
  8. Sir Psycho

    TD05H-16g questions

    So after a lot of searching I think the TD05H-16g is the turbo I'm looking to buy. Currently I've got a Holset HE351 and while it's fun on the highway, it is a dog in the city with an auto. I think the 16g should net me a lot more torque at lower rpms. Couple questions: Is HRC and Kinugawa...
  9. Sir Psycho

    What to look for on 1986 245 w/ M46?

    My girlfriend has been looking for a cheap wagon with a stick. Here's the car she's considering: http://raleigh.craigslist.org/cto/4692886637.html 250,000 miles for $1700 but negotiable. "86 Volvo 240 wag. 250,000 miles and ready to go some more. Black leather interior. AC needs freon. New...
  10. Sir Psycho

    How will a 50 trim turbo pair with my set up?

    My guess is pretty good? I have a Holset HE351 and it is way too laggy. I want something that starts spooling early with a swift kick, but doesn't die up top. I do a ton of city driving so peak power at ~6000 rpm is useles. Engine specs: 531 ported head Header 3" TB Ebay IC and 3" piping 3"...
  11. Sir Psycho

    Throttle shaft seal?

    Do the 960 and 850 NA throttle bodies use the same throttle shaft seal as a 940 TB? AKA a B230 valve husher?
  12. Sir Psycho

    High wattage H4 and H3 bulbs?

    Just wired my fog E-codes directly to the battery with relays. Light output is a lot better now. What H4 and H3 bulbs are you guys running? I want something higher wattage than whatever my headlights came with. Mostly white spectrum that's a little blue would be nice. I'd also really like some...
  13. Sir Psycho

    Wiring fog lights in line with high beams?

    I have ecode headlights with integrated fog lights on a 940 that originally came without fogs. I don't want to go through the trouble of wiring the fogs to a switch and the fuse box so I was thinking about splicing them in with the high beams. I assume splicing them in line would half the...
  14. Sir Psycho

    Holset HE351 Oil Return Gasket

    Can somebody point me in the direction? I'm looking for the single gasket and not a feed/return gasket set. I know the bolt spacing needs to be 2" but I can't find the right one sold individually. Thanks edit:// This is it...
  15. Sir Psycho

    Holset oil feed and return

    1995 B230FT Holset HE351 I'm running -12 AN for the return line, and it's really not fitting well. It rubs against the header and I'd like to size down to -10 AN if it's sufficient. Is it? I've run a -4 AN feed from the stock location banjo bolt to the turbo for the past 4 years. The...
  16. Sir Psycho

    How far to push front cam shaft seal in?

    1995 B230FT I've replaced this seal twice already with Elring and terrible results. I've got a Volvo seal now and it doesn't seem to want to go in as far as the Elring did. I'd say it's about 1/16" further out from being flush. Is this correct?
  17. Sir Psycho

    Different AW71 dipstick tubes?

    My old tube had been cut and patched together with a rubber hose. I bought an uncut dipstick tube from a member on the board and had slight trouble bolting it to the starter bolts after attaching it to the pan. After everything I noticed the tube comes up an extra 2" from where the old one was...
  18. Sir Psycho

    Need a quick solution to shortening transmission cooler lines

    1995 940 Turbo with the transmission cooler in the radiator. A few years ago I moved the radiator a few inches towards the rear of the car to fit a bigger intercooler. I had to shorten the hard metal lines that run from the transmission to the radiator so I cut about 4 inches out of each and...
  19. Sir Psycho

    Repairing clear coat damage

    My car has 418 "Regency Red Metallic" paint and in the last year the clear coat has really started to flake off. To my understanding this is a two stage paint so it will not benefit from a cut and buff job that I see people use to restore a lot of old 240 paint back to a shine. So what can I...
  20. Sir Psycho

    Problems with Synapse BOV & Compressor Surge

    Problems with Synapse BOV & Turbo Flutter I have a Synapse Synchronic BOV, the second generation one with two vacuum ports. I'm getting compressor surge on my Holset when I let off the throttle quickly at anything above 5 psi. I got this BOV because it's advertised to not need adjustment...