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  1. mikep

    Made my car worse with K24 +T and M47 Swap Doh, Stalling at idle and decel, bucking 2nd gear? im an idiot and cant leave well enough alone

    If you correctly installed the cam, it’s still pretty mild and shouldn’t be all of your problem. Check the timing, put in the wideband, and go from there when you know if it’s rich or lean.
  2. mikep

    LH2.2 Tuning For Non-Volvo Installation / X1/9 Dallara + K24 Swap

    I worked on those when they were new. I consider myself lucky to have worked at a Datsun + Fiat dealer from late 1979 to early 1982. I spent most of a year doing british car restorations, then worked at a Toyota + Mercedes dealer for part of a year before switching to Ford, then GM. Fiats were...
  3. mikep

    9004 LED bulb recommendations for 1986 US DOT 240 Headlamps, please!!!!

    European spec lights (E-Codes) use an H4 bulb, which has a shield on low beam, cutting any glare from going above a certain point. They shine below a cut-off line. Similar to the line from HIDs, but that shield raises for high beams, while H4s have a separate filament for high beam, in a...
  4. mikep

    Late night spam bots

    Renamed, checked the “discourage user” button so it hates its bot life.
  5. mikep

    How do i know if i have two fuel pumps in 940

    Renamed, and trying out the “discourage user” feature.
  6. mikep

    740 seat belt bolt thread diameter and pitch?

  7. mikep

    740 seat belt bolt thread diameter and pitch?

    Update! The bolts from a 1983 Canadian 244 were in a box so i measured them. The heads were marked with the metric scientific notation but measured to 11mm(ish.. i left my notes at school..) 1.27. Not 1.25. 7/16-20 exactly. I love learning.
  8. mikep

    740 seat belt bolt thread diameter and pitch?

    I found out it’s the same when i tried to find a long 11mm1.5 bolt for a honda crank pulley.
  9. mikep

    Late night spam bots

    Which one?
  10. mikep

    740 seat belt bolt thread diameter and pitch?

    Which is exactly the same as 11mm fine thread. 1.25, i think.
  11. mikep

    Extended lower control arms

    Put a tab on the strut for more effective roll control.
  12. mikep

    Power Steering & AC Removal

    Build a bracket. I made a template to put a 940 ps pump on an L28 nissan, it is also the motor mount. Use your imagination, make templates and build.
  13. mikep

    New 240 Owner

    Welcome aboard and stuff and things.
  14. mikep

    New member

    Greetings, fellow 2/7/9 series cross-pollinator.
  15. mikep

    2023 Fall Meet at Dezerland Park Orlando

    May the wonderful of ban. Thank you.
  16. mikep

    940 seat upgrade ideas ??not 850 seats

  17. mikep

    B23FT swap into a 1991 740

    I used a B23 in a 1988 245 with everything (head and accessories) from the 88. That accessory bracket is different from a 740, though. Good look.
  18. mikep

    Steering shaft fell into column

    I have not disassembled a 240 column, but on all the others there was a circlip or snap ring that prevented that. It could be missing a retainer like that.
  19. mikep

    ARP head studs

    Studs are often coarse on the block end, but fine nuts on top. More clamping per rotational force, but you can over-torque. I know someone i can ask. *edit: and what hiperfauto said on spring, not stretch.
  20. mikep

    Good talking with you both last night. Forgot to grab your number. Let me know if you want to...

    Good talking with you both last night. Forgot to grab your number. Let me know if you want to stop by school and shop for engines. I'll be here Saturday, might come in Sunday, and could even deliver if you want a 93. Mike Perry 410-726-1333