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    M46 to AW71L swap wiring "problems"

    I've got the ('92) B200FT with M46 out and replaced it with a ('97) B230FK with AW71L. Now there is a little wire problem... The connectors in the car are not the same as the one on the transmission. Cable colors also won't match. Transmission wiring: Lock up button on the gear-lever...
  2. D

    My (our) 240's so far

    I would like to share them with you: 1. '80 242GL 2. '82 242DL 3. '76 244L 4. '88 240 jubileum (parts car) 5. '79 245GL (B200F+T) 6. '91 240 Polar (parts car) 7. '88 240GL 8. '79 244DL 9. '93 240 Polar (parts car) 10. '93 240 GLE (parts car) 11. '82 244GL Diesel (parts car) 12. '79...
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    This is not good...

    This sucks. Hot car is hot.
  4. D

    EU7.0 pics

    My pics from the EU7.0 Nordschleife meeting.
  5. D

    Bad piston?

    I bought a B23E to replace my B19. Took the head off and saw this piston. Do you guys think it's will run good with it? The previous owner said that it was a good running engine. Other strange thing. I thought that the B23E always had a 405 head. This one got a 160 head on it.
  6. D

    What shall I do?

    The Tritons needs new paint. Do know which colour... Are there some photoshoppers who wants to put their idea on here?
  7. D

    Lowered wagon

    So, My friend and I lowered the 245 today. 1,5 coils of the front. The rear stock (low enough atm+ I lost my adjustable panhardbar, so the Tritons won't fit). Then we went to take some pictures of the 245 and 242. My friend ended up kissing a tree while he was doing a little drift. He's okay...
  8. D

    Thanks Dave Barton

    I think it's so cool... It's the perfect finishing touch for the +T. Some random pictures. JW240 helped me yesterday with some welding. Thanks again man! 15G watercooling IC piping Gauge holder (because of the old type dashboard) Exhaust: Crazychopstick's spark plug wires: And again, the...
  9. D

    Once upon a time...

    ...there was a field in middle of nowhere. It was full with Volvos. Nice Volvos. This house is full with new leather interiors. All cars were open. There was nobody. I jumped in the big rental car and waved to the field. Bye bye field.
  10. D

    240 on Tritons, show me pics.

    Does any has Tritons on his 240? How does it fit? I've got a set spacers (25 mm front, 30 mm rear). Should it work or is 18" just too big?
  11. D

    Show your valve cover!

    Just finished mine: Lemme see your creations!
  12. D

    More pictures of this two 245

    Hello everybody, I'm looking for more pictures of the next two 245. I really like the old stock look with the subtle lowering en black steelies with chrome caps. Does anyone has them?
  13. D

    Some pics of the brown 242

    I've got a pm of someone who asked for a picturethread of my car. I didn't have one, so here it is. Some random pictures of the 1980 242. In the beginning: And how it is now: