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  1. 84dlwagon

    Volvo club of Orange county Malibu meet

    Just a couple of pics I messed with.
  2. 84dlwagon

    High idle kjet

    I know I know I spent a hour going through the forums now I post so 78 242 dl kjet. ok so does not matter if the car is hot warm or cold the idle seems to stay up at 1300 when its feels like it and not all the time. When it does I can wot and it will drop back down to normal. sticky throttle...
  3. 84dlwagon

    M46 overdrive onto a M45

    M46 overdrive onto a m45. Can this happen or way out of the ?
  4. 84dlwagon

    M45 to M46

    So as of right now my 78 242 has a M45 4spd non overdrive. Last couple of weeks the trans sound like it has rocks in it shifts fine never had an issues in that way just the sound of it . I really was hoping to just do the clutch when I had the time but now just shooting for a m46 with...
  5. 84dlwagon

    Trouble with new blower motor

    Ok this is on the 78 242. Just bought well what I thought was a VDO motor from rock auto came as a Siemens which don't seem to be any different. So as I went to check the fitment of it. It seems to be to big to fit in the space. so I took the piece that is not going to be used and sanded a...
  6. 84dlwagon

    wheel and tire fitting

    So im looking at some wheels and tires for my 242 found these. 255/50ZR16 the rim is an ultra 5 lug the guy doesnt know the lug pattern. just seeing if any one knows if these will fit.
  7. 84dlwagon

    240 Bleeding Brakes

    Stupid ? I have always run my cars when bleeding the brakes. I'm just wonder if its not the right way to bleed. Thats it.
  8. 84dlwagon

    New Generation clutch kits

    So been looking around on getting a clutch kit. Now my buddy is working for this company Fast Under Car in Anaheim, ca. He can get me the a full clutch kit for $125.40. OEM spec. ? is has any one heard of The New generation clutch before. Thanks.
  9. 84dlwagon

    Turbobricks stickers

    So I placed an order about 3 weeks ago and still have not received them. I try to contact an administrator and keeps telling me invaild url. Any one around to help.
  10. 84dlwagon

    Did this come off my car or did I run it over.

    Yup like the title says not sure about this bolt is marked SFS 8.8. just went to take off and about 50 yards heard something then turned around this was in the road. 78 242 4spd
  11. 84dlwagon

    240 Tons of pressure intank

    So the other day driving to work which is only two miles away. Pulled into the parking lot to hear this loud noise like radio interference. so turn car off and still going then slowly faded then nothing. This has happened twice now. Plus every time i fill her up there's a ton of pressure in the...
  12. 84dlwagon

    timing way off

    So went in for a smog today failed guys says timing is 28? btdc. Now I don't own a timing light. For me I don't know how far that is off. he said he would redo timing and smog it again passed all other emissions.So hopefully pass on Saturday. Any one know how far off that is. 78 242 2.1
  13. 84dlwagon

    1978 242 fuel issue of course.

    Ok here's the deal 1978 242 2.1. After a bunch of basic maintenance was done on her she was running great. Besides the loud fuel pump. Pretty sure the in-tank pump has not worked since bought. And now nothing. So I am about to bust into the tank to replace the feed pump but cant seem to find the...
  14. 84dlwagon

    240 Fuel Filter

    78 242 underhood fuel filter. So my problem is the one I just bought from IPD was part#105063 and the fitting from my car dont fit the threads on it. So the awesome people over at IPD suggested this one part# 107363 with fittings. Now is this right or do I have some f&^ked up fitting going on.
  15. 84dlwagon

    Found this when pulled Intake mani

    OK so my ? is How to clean these out with out having to pull the head. Intake side.
  16. 84dlwagon

    240 Body work ?

    Ok well had a tire shred on the freeway, ripped my mudflap off and F&^KED UP my rear butt cheek. OK the ? is do i buy a new replacment cheek from Summit or just cut it out and weld in a flat peace of steal. Any one been down this road let me know. Car is the 78 242.
  17. 84dlwagon

    How does this work. heater motor

    Car is a 78 242 a/c is now all removed. Pulled the whloe unit out today and came up with is. Motor is bad magnets to motor are gone plastic holders broke. So I started looking at new or rebulit one's and the wires dont seem to look the same. Any help please and thanks.
  18. 84dlwagon

    Finally back in a volvo

    Here it is 1978 242dl 4spd no A/C no pwr steering. Cars been to and from washington oringaly cali car I am now third owner. the guy i bought it from mom bought from a doctor in 80 he's been driving it since he was 18 no 25. Not sure if he ever washed it damn. HE drove it to college in washington...
  19. 84dlwagon

    83 242 dl

    So me and my girl friend just got back into town after driving to a place called Philmath, Oregon were i pick up a 83 242 dl for 500 bucks. Runs and drives perfect now the body and inside need some work. The guy i bought it from had put some Isuzu tropper front seat in it. Well he was like 4ft...
  20. 84dlwagon

    hi rev

    car is 89 245 dl So when ever i go on to the freeway and get on it about half to full throttle it does fine. but when i come to a stop i can tell that the car is reving really hi. so i turn the car off and restart and it fine what could it be.